Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wile E. Coyote

Tonight I plan to hunt some pesky coyotes at a friend's farm with my good friend Nathan. Mark Twain provided a wonderful description of the old song dogs-

The coyote is a long, slim, sick and sorry-looking skeleton, with a gray wolfskin stretched over it, a tolerably bushy tail that forever sags down with a despairing expression of forsakenness and misery, a furtive and evil eye, and a long, sharp face, with slightly lifted lip and exposed teeth. He has a general slinking expression all over. The coyote is a living, breathing allegory of Want. He is always hungry. He is always poor, out of luck, and friendless. The meanest creatures despise him, and even the fleas would desert him for a velocipede. He is so spirtless and cowardly that even while his exposed teeth are pretending a threat, the rest of his face is apologizing for it. And he is so homely! -so scrawny, and ribby, and coarse-haired, and pitiful.


Randall Swetnam said...

Since you couldn't manage a deer, maybe you can thin out my doggy population. Feel free... and take your buddy. -- RS

LO said...

...Are you sure you didn't mix up Twain's description of ministers with his definition of coyotes? :-)

AJF said...

You may be right LO, but I'm sure no "skeleton"!