Sunday, February 11, 2007

An Open Letter to Rudy Giuliani

While I am certain Rudy Giuliani doesn't care who I am, I do have a few words to him and other politicians who choose to use his strategy to get elected.

Rudy, I just saw the interview you did with Sean Hannity, and found myself getting angry with your statement about abortion. Were you serious? Do you take people for fools? In 1999 you said on CNN- “I’m pro-choice. I’m pro-gay rights”. At that time you were also asked whether you supported a ban on partial-birth abortions, to which you answered- “No, I have not supported that (a ban), and I don’t see my position on that changing”. Now that you are a candidate for the presidency, you have chosen to weasel-word a new explanation of your position aimed at soothing (or suckering) people who might be uncomfortable with abortion (i.e. anyone who is honest about what the procedure is...who can be comfortable with it?). Come on Rudy! You haven't changed your position at all. When Hannity asked your position on abortion, you responded- "I hate it". You elaborated further- “I think abortion is something that, as a personal matter, I would advise somebody against. However, I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I think you have to ultimately not put a woman in jail for that.”

Rudy, I would much rather you just be honest and say you are pro-abortion and leave it at that. What you have done is reveal your dishonesty and the very reason no one should vote for you.

You said you hate abortion! Are you serious Rudy? You hate abortion? Why? I know why you should hate abortion. You are way too smart to be ignorant of the procedure. One doesn't have to be a doctor to understand what happens in an abortion. Do you say you hate abortion because you know the most common abortion procedure used requires the abortionist to first paralyze the womb opening and then stretch it open. He then inserts a hollow plastic tube, which has a knife-like edge on the tip, into the uterus. The suction tears the baby’s body into pieces. He then cuts the deeply rooted placenta from the inner wall of the uterus. The scraps are sucked out into a bottle The suction is 29 times more powerful than a home vacuum cleaner. You would be right to hate abortion.

Rudy, you should also hate abortion for the multiple other abortion procedures that are practiced and progressively more violent and heinous as the baby grows toward full term. There is a good reason to hate abortion, you would be right to hate it. All human beings should hate it.

Rudy, you should hate abortion for what it does to women. Over one hundred potential complications have been associated with abortion. "Minor" complications as you might know, include infections, bleeding, fevers, chronic abdominal pain, gastro-intestinal disturbances, vomiting, and Rh sensitization. The nine most common "major" complications are infection, excessive bleeding, embolism, ripping or perforation of the uterus, anesthesia complications, convulsions, hemorrhage, cervical injury, and endotoxic shock.

Rudy, abortion certainly deserves to be hated, you should hate it. In addition to the physical danger abortion exposes a woman to, the greatest damage is psychological. No matter how Planned Parenthood and other Pro-abortion groups paint it, every woman who aborts her baby knows she had her child killed. When her accomplices are gone (usually parents or the boyfriend), her conscience does not allow her to ignore what she has done. She has just helped to commit murder. Abortion reeks terrible havoc on a woman's psyche and the pain will never leave her. Rudy, abortion should be hated. It is awful. It is hideous.

Rudy, it is right to hate abortion. But Rudy, I don't think you really hate it. You say you hate abortion. You say you would personally advise against it, yet, you think a woman should have the freedom to choose abortion. I could understand if you said you don't agree with it, but someone should be able to do it. However, you said you hate it. It should be legal and acceptable to do something that provokes hate in you?
Come on Rudy! Stand against something that provokes hate in you. You have to know what abortion is, you're too smart to be ignorant, yet you think it should be a valid choice for someone? Rudy, I just don't think you hate abortion like you say.
It wasn't all that long ago when you told a talk show host on the radio that you would uphold a woman's right of choice, and that you, as a government official, would fund abortion so that a poor woman is not deprived of a right that others can exercise, and that you would oppose going back to a day in which abortions were illegal. So, Rudy, you hate it, but poor women should be able to have an abortion if they choose?

Rudy, your words are incredibly troubling when just a modicum of logic is applied. There are only two options:
1. You are lying and don't really hate abortion (since you think it should be available, like it is now). You're just weasel-wording to get elected.
2. You hate abortion, but love popularity more.
Both options grieve me deeply and I pray you will not be given the mantel of the U.S. Presidency because of what this reveals about your character.
Tony Felich


JON MEYERS said...

AMEN BROTHER! People need to wake up and understand that politicians that have no back-bone are hurting our country more than they are helping. Rudy wants to live in a world of no-absolutes. We the people of this great country, need to rid ourselves of such representation.

Frontier Forest said...

It’s difficult to hold back my anger and total disgust about such a horrific and tragic issue. Abortion…. My definition is simple: “The voluntary murdering of a tiny and helpless baby!” Not so good a definition for today!
Here is what “” says: “Termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus that is incapable of survival. Any of various procedures that result in such termination and expulsion of tissue. The premature expulsion of a nonviable fetus from the uterus; a miscarriage. Cessation of normal growth, especially of an organ or other body part, prior to full development or maturation. An aborted organism. Something malformed or incompletely developed; a monstrosity”
This disgusting definition sounds as bad as Rudi’s sorry rationalization to “switch and bate” to win some votes!
Call the precious unborn what you want, any way you want… a fetus, glob of tissue, mass of cells, embryo, abnormal growth, unborn organism. Or you can cover up the voluntary act of hideous murder with flowery words, hide it behind the mask of “Mothers Right to choose,” disguise it for the sake of political correctness. … but Murder is Murder!
I pray you feel the same shame, disgust and pain that I do when one thinks about the sad state of our country and the political value placed above life, for one vote. As a nation, we have now topped the 46 Million mark! How many murdered babies does 46 Million represent? "God, only YOU and Your limitless mercy can Save our country from such shame!"

Collin Wamsley said...

Many of my favorite conservitive commentators overwhelmingly support Rudy Giuliani. He provided strong leadership for New York City, and indirecty, the nation after 9/11. Conservatives are being asked to overlook his position on abortion because of his strong views on national security.

We lost nearly 3000 people on 9/11 and more than that many soldiers abroad since then. But, according to National Right to Life,
over 48.5 million lives have been taken at the hand of abortionists in the U.S. since 1973. Who is the greater enemy? al-Quaida could only hope to have that kind of success rate.

To lose a child in the womb to natural causes is a burden too great to bear, apart from our hope in Christ. Can you imagine then the lifelong burden young women carry when they CHOOSE to abort their child. But our representatives ignore those consequenses when they tell us that women (about 1/5 of all "women" who have abortions are 15-19 years old) should have the right to choose.

Kampfgruppe Hoppa said...

I agree with my brothers. I have one observation: It is ironic (or tragic) that our "civilized" culture has this in common with the ancient Caananites-- infanticide. They sacrifice their children to their false gods, Molech and Baal. Probably to gain some kind of favor. Maybe rain for the crops? Today "we" sacrifice our children to our own false gods, convenience and money. 'The pregnancy is not convenient for me now because I'm just getting started with my career, etc.' Ultimately our convenience has more intrinsic value than a human baby.