Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good Neighbors- Grace Church

Tim Howey, the pastor of Grace Church, one of our neighbor churches, invited me and my fellow Redeemer pastors to have lunch with him and his fellow Grace Church pastors last week. It was a great pleasure meeting each of these brothers and to hear of God's work in the life and development of Grace Church. Tim led the founding of Grace about ten years ago and they have recently built their new facility just down the road from us. They actually bought their land around the time we started building on ours, we both remember back to our neighborhood being "country". Things have changed drastically and there's much ministry to be done for sure. Within the next five years we'll both be hemmed in by hundreds more houses. We're partners in reaching the community for Christ, not competitors. I did, however, subtly challenge Grace Church to a massive game of capture the flag. We'll see what develops.

Tim, like me, is originally from the northeast but now lives in and loves the Midwest. He recently tore up his knee in a basketball game at church (a self-sacrificing shepherd for sure!) and has chronicled his growth through this ACL rehab trial in his blog. Check it out along with his other posts.

He was nice enough to alert his congregation to pray for Redeemer, I would like to do the same by alerting you to his two chief requests for Grace Church:

(1) For God to keep reaching and discipling the people in our community disconnected from Christ & the church

(2) For God to keep developing our small groups ministry to be true incubators of shepherding and spiritual growth

May God bless the ministry of Tim Howey and Grace Church!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear of other life in the local body and our connection to it!

Frontier Forest said...

It's a beautiful thing to pray for brothers and sisters, and realize there is no need for competition or jealousy when it comes to ministry callings and Christ mission.