Thursday, March 8, 2007

Keep your eye on this development

With all due respect to Sam Brownback, a man I admire and respect, I don't think he can win the presidency. First, he doesn't have the funds, and second, and quite frankly, I'm not sure his experience is deep enough to serve as President. Maybe in 4 or 8 more years. Besides Brownback, the current field of candidates from both parties looks dismal, in my opinion.

I just caught wind today that Fred Thompson, former senator from Tennessee and current TV star is mulling a run in 2008. Keep your eye on this development. If he enters the race, I would see him as the Republican front runner for sure, maybe even the instant overall favorite.

I think the Democrats will have a bloody primary season with Hillary and Obama slugging it out and John Edwards nipping at their ankles all the way. In the end, I think Obama will emerge the victor.

If Thompson doesn't run, it will be McCain or Giuliani. Neither can beat Obama. If given the choice between voting for McCain, Giuliani, or Obama, I see little difference. I'm sure Republicans would cry foul and tout the supposed conservative fiscal policies of McCain and Giuliani, but I just haven't seen any conservatism about the fiscal practices of either party in the last 6 years. I don't see McCain or Giuliani being any different.

If Thompson does decide to run, it will get very interesting. Sure, he'll get raked over the coals like any other candidate. From what I understand, he has some dirt like the rest of the current players. Being a personal friend of Scooter Libby will hurt for a while. Being Bush's man to help Roberts get confirmed to the Supreme Court will draw fire from extreme liberals. Despite all this, Thompson has something none of the other viable Republican candidates has, and it's not what you might think (Thompson has a solid pro-life voting record and has seemed to promote pro-family ideals-more to be researched here). Thompson might not be Oprah Winfrey's first pick, but unlike most of the Republican Party, the entertainment community (typically very liberal) respects Thompson. Furthermore, Thompson actually has genuine friends in Hollywood. Face it- Obama will be the darling of Hollywood. The only person who could dent that devotion, just a bit, is Fred Thompson. Don't underestimate Thompson's regular face time on a top-rated TV program (Law and Order). We are a TV generation (you have to read Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves to Death"). I'm telling you, watch this development!

Don't read this as an endorsement of Fred Thompson, I'm still checking him out. I'm just saying- I think things are about to get very interesting.


Frontier Forest said...

Tony’s keen eye for political “exceptions” are always right-on! I have not heard a word from the Brownback camp, wondering just last night if he is still in the running? No doubt he stands tall and remains unbending for those crucial issues that emboldens the definition of true conservative-isms. The Clintons are already running helter-skelter! They are pulling out every dirty trick in the book and some that haven’t even been written to try and muddy up Obama’s squeaky clean facade. And when the ever changing Clinton camp angers the media, and they will, there will be enough dead skeletons dragged out of ole’ Arkansas and New York closets to make most intelligent liberals (oxymoron for sure!) see Obama as the worlds greatest answer for even “global yawning”.
So come on Fred! He knows the game, and has a lot of charisma. He knows where and how to walk and is cautiously welcomed into even liberal camps. I hope not, but while serving only 2 terms in the Senate, I think he may have had his fill of Washington?
So this brings many of us staunch, right-wing conservatives to think forward to that proverbial booth, sitting there, waiting for our November, 2008 answer? Whoever gets the Dem’s nod, I can not and will not vote for either! And I believe a “non-vote” would be a “yes vote” for unrighteousness. So, anticipating some huge reservations, once again, I must pull the elephant lever!

Kampfgruppe Hoppa said...

Very interesting development. I am also a little pessimistic about the Republican prospects. I have not been a real big Brownback supporter because of his "amnesty first" support to illegal immigration. I'd love to have a truly viable third party compete against. More and more the Repubs and Dems are like co-joined, evil twins. Who to cast my vote for?!?! Alas, I miss The Gipper.

Anonymous said...

Those that can work and hold real jobs, those that can't hold public office. I think the elections should not be held in November. Rather, I think if elections, especially national ones, were held in mid April, we would see a much more conservative electorate in Washington.

Disgusted Taxpayer