Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The beach, fruity drinks, Mayan ruins, and a sweet VW Beetle with my Babe in Cozumel!

Shari and I spent Friday to Monday in Cozumel, Mexico. We bought one of those "all inclusive" vacation packages with a simple goal of spending some special time alone together doing absolutely nothing. I am happy to report, God blessed our trip by graciously granting us these things. It was one of the best times we've had together. The days, years, and months really do get better with Shari. What a helpmate!
Besides the wonderful fellowship I enjoyed with my better half, here are some other highlights-
1. Great times of relaxation, sitting by pool or beach reading books, swimming, and being served various Mexican "fruity drinks".
2. Exploring various beaches. Wow, the wonder of God's creation! We collected tons of shells for the boys, saw a cool sea crab, a bunch of fish, etc. etc.
3. Traversing the island in our rented 1960ish VW Beetle. It was a total junker, but very cool and bearing much "character". We fit right in with the Mexican culture driving that thing around. We laughed every time I started it up.
4. Striking deals at the market was an unexpected surprise for me. I actually like shopping in Mexico because it's filled with surprises. Price tags mean nothing. Make an offer! We failed to find the boys luchador masks, we'll have to try again some time.
5. Cuban Hoyo de Monterrey- that's all I have to say.
6. The food was very authentically Mexican, which tends to be less spicy than the American variety. I like that, because I really don't like American Mexican food that much. Please note above, however, I was able to find my favorite delicacy, whether it be in Mexico or the U.S.- the mighty hamburguesa...the chorizo omellettes were great also.
7. The Village People impersonation done by the hotel entertainment was memorable and interesting. The Indian freaked me out though. I'm glad the 70's are way over.
8. The Ponta Sur national park was very interesting. It had a lagoon observation area where you could get very close to free ranging crocodiles. We got good pictures of several big boys. Shari also got me to climb up in to a very tall, free-standing observation tower, I'm not a fan of heights.
9. The Mayan ruins at Ponta Sur are one of three major Mayan temple archaeological sites on Cozumel. Seeing such things saddens me a bit- to think of people so devoid of knowledge of the Savior- to the point they sacrificed their children- grieves me. Then again, I'm not sure our society is really that different, when you think about it.
10. The lighthouse at Ponta Sur was built in the 1950's. I'm guessing it's 10 stories high or more. Shari and I climbed to the top and took the picture you see above. The island is flat and densely covered with low-lying jungle. We could see a good portion of the island from this structure. Very beautiful.
There are many other things to do in Cozumel, however, we purposely stayed relaxed and slow moving- something I do not do well under normal circumstances. With the exception of some nasty sunburn, it was a perfect trip. It made me realize, once again, how I need to slow down at times, especially to enjoy the company of my best friend Shari. We're not going to wait another 14 years to do something like this. I praise God for this great time.


JON MEYERS said...

Glad you got to relax from the daily grind.

Now if they would just lift the embargo, life would be sweet. Long live Cuban Hoyo de Monterrey!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not posting pix poolside with your shirt off. Glad you had a ball.

AJF said...

come on...don't knock the speedo

MOBUGZ said...

Glad you all took some time for yourselves. So when is bow season for crocs?

AJF said...

Funny you mention I was scoping one of the big croc's (about 10 feet), I thought about what it would take to double-lung one of those suckers. I know my 100-grain muzzy wouldn't do it.

M. Jay Bennett said...

My wife and I visited Cozumel for a day on our honeymoon cruise of the Western Caribbean. Beautiful place!

Frontier Forest said...

We prayed for you every day! All of us lambs know you and Shari needed this kind of rest and relaxation.

Frontier Forest said...

By the way Tony, that is a beautiful picture of you and Shari leaning on the cement handrail.
Shari is so strikingly beautiful!

AJF said...

I agree...but what about me? Ain't I pretty? OK, Don't answer that.

Frontier Forest said...

I was refering to quality not quantity.

AJF said...


RoxeAn Malas said...

Hey found your blog thought I would check it out. Shari you don't look any different than you did in H.S. (that's a compliment). Great looking family, take care.