Thursday, April 19, 2007

Relaxing in Mexico with my bride...

My wife and I are in our 14th year of marriage and we've never been on a vacation alone together, unless you count the three nights we spent in Oklahoma City for our honeymoon (don't knock it, the Cowboy Hall of Fame is a must see). Even the family vacations we have taken have been to one of our parents house (my parents lived in Western New York until this past Fall).

Frankly, we never could afford anything very elaborate before now (you wouldn't believe how much you can get for a kidney on the black market! Relax- I still have one left). We're excited to go. My wife is a great relaxer and vacationer. I am not. I really have a hard time unwinding. I've been psyching myself to relax so I'm not a drag to be with. We only have three nights and four days, but it will be in Cozumel, Mexico. From all I hear, it's the perfect place to decompress and just putz around. That's what I need. No wireless phone, no email, no nothing. I am going to bring a couple books I've wanted to read, hit the beach (if you hear of any beached whale alerts in the could just be me they're seeing...), snorkel the reefs, ride scooters around the Island, eat Mexican food, partake of Mexican drink, and just enjoy hanging with my best friend Shari.

So, I'll be out the loop for a few days. I'll talk at you when I get back.

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Frontier Forest said...

Dear Pastor Tony,
I sure hope you don’t read this until your return! Many of us were aware that you were treating your beautiful bride to “some place” warm… so a Mexican cuisine was my 1st guess.
Our prayer for you and Shari is to relax and enjoy waking up to each other, the beach and splashing around in water so clear one is incapable to describe! Falling in love, over and over, more and more, and living in unconditional surrender unto each other, is a God-gift that is available to all, yet so few invest in the joy of marriage discovery! To see you and Shari in oneness, is to see agape at its best.