Saturday, June 9, 2007

Pray for Zion PCA in Lincoln, Nebraska

Update 6/10- Pastor Keith Ghormley's pictures here. More here.

I just received word from the stated clerk of our presbytery that one of our sister churches, Zion Presbyterian Church in Lincoln, Nebraska had a devastating fire last night. Here is most of the communication from Pastor Todd Bowen (our stated clerk and pastor of Grace Covenant Church in Grand Island, NE)-

Dear fathers and brothers of Heartland Presbytery, Stated Clerks in the PCA, and brothers and sisters of Grace Covenant Church:

Please be in prayer for the congregation of Zion Church (PCA) in Lincoln, Nebraska and their pastors: Stu Kerns, Tobey Brockman, Adam Odell, and Keith Ghormley and elders. The main building and worship facility of the church was destroyed completely last night in a fire that apparently began in the basement kitchen area. By the time fire fighters were called to the building at 5:00 a.m., there were 15-foot flames emerging from the north side of the building and the fire had spread to the main floor. Firefighters had to go into “defensive” mode to keep the flames from spreading to nearby buildings, with the main building already a total loss. To learn more visit this site.

Zion has been a flagship church in our Presbytery, and a mother to many of us. Let us rally to her in her time of need. Please pray that they will be able to secure a meeting place tomorrow for what will no doubt be a time of grieving and worship. Also pray for the leaders as they seek to secure a temporary meeting place for worship, care for the needs of a grieving and stunned congregation, and plan for the future. Zion was to break ground on a new addition tomorrow in order to meet their growing needs for Christian Education space.


Todd Bowen
Stated Clerk
Heartland Presbytery

Please join me in prayer for the brothers who pastor this church (Stu, Tobey, Adam and Keith) and the flock of God's people there. May the Lord provide for them in a mighty way at this difficult time.


M. Jay Bennett said...

We will pray.

Frontier Forest said...

The Lord built this House and we know His sovereign infinite plans are much bigger than what our finite minds comprehend. What we currently see is the terrible destruction of a magnificent building, but God sees all things new. Some of the greatest victories this congregation has ever experienced are just before them.
“Father, help us all to prayerfully support these dear brothers and sisters in this difficult hour. May the pastors and elders wait for Your directions. And as they move, under Your power and in Your authority, build up and strengthen this hurting body. Beside and joined to the Corner Stone, we asked that each new brick be placed there by the Masters hands.”