Wednesday, June 20, 2007

President Bush does the right thing

Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Research Bill
WASHINGTON — President Bush vetoed an embryonic stem cell research funding bill Wednesday and called on Congress to put aside politics and support legislation that would advance science without crossing an ethical line.

If this legislation became law, it would compel American taxpayers for the first time in our history to support the deliberate destruction of human embryos," Bush said from the East Room of the White House, where he was joined by doctors and stem cell patients. "I made it clear to Congress and to the American people that I will not allow our nation to cross this moral line."

Praise God for George Bush's right action on this crucial piece of legislation. It is providentially ironic this story comes in the midst of a meditation about an ancient people attempting to put off God's authority over them. Make no mistake, the matter of protecting unborn human life goes to the heart of submitting to God and His sovereign rule. God will not be mocked in America much longer.

The embryonic stem cell debate is extra maddening considering there are other sources for cells such as placenta's, amniotic fluid, and less adaptable, but still useful, adult stem cells. Sorry, I'm a cynical guy on this subject, I'm reasonably sure this whole thing is about money. There are companies bound to get really rich harvesting embryonic stem cells. It just so happens our culture is in a severely weakened state morally, particularly in the area of cherishing and defending human life- which equals "payday" for someone.

As a side, if you haven't already, view the movie "The Island", with Ewan MacGregor. It's not for kids, so keep that in mind. It paints a picture that's not too far fetched, should God allow us to continue down our current path much longer.


Frontier Forest said...

God Bless George W! I love the man deeply and pray for him daily, and finally, it’s a wonderful testimony to see him do something right? Isn’t interesting that 5 years ago, I had never heard the term “bio-science”. Now this kind of “progressive” thinking is everyone’s mind.
So Pastor, is the movie, "The Island" worth the rent?

Rick Calohan said...

Now if El presidente George W. Arbusto would just stop illegal stem cells from crossing the border, leave some stem cells behind and promote school choice and vouchers, destroy the terrorist stem cells before they destroy us from Islamic countries, and stop appeasing the Communist stem cells in China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, et. al, then I would not think I have wasted my vote twice for him. I know that no President is perfect and compared to the other side of the aisle with their godless communistic evolutionist humanistic abortionist candidates El George stands hands above, its just sad that he can be so right about this, and so wrong about the border. By the way for those keeping score 73 known benefits using Adult Stem Cells to 0 Embryonic Stem Cells.

Rick Calohan

P.S.: I have seen “The Island” reminded me of a more graphic “Logan’s Run” and I speculate that it is probably happening in Organ Harvest Nations like Red China, who by the way buy oil from Sudanese Islamic Tyrants who prosecute our Christian brethren in Darfur.

AJF said...

One issue at a time least he's done well on this important matter.

Good point on the lack of provable benefits to embryonic stem cell research.

AJF said...

"The Island" ain't "Facing the Giants", but it's a thought provoking flick for sure. A bit eerie when you think about it.

William Perry Guilkey said...

While I am definitely a Democrat (conservative, pro-life & anti-gay marriage -- Yes, there are a few of us!), I applaud the President for protecting the rights of the unborn and standing true to his principles in the face of opposition. The man does not lack courage. I see this even when I disagree with some of his policies and decisions (a topic for another day). And for the record . . . it's difficult to be a "descendant of 'shop rats' and farmers" and NOT be a Democrat.

Frontier Forest said...

Pastor T, if a movie doesn't make me cry for joy, or laugh from my belly, it isn’t my kind of movie. Not sorry to admit, I am one of those strange guys who admits he loves “Chick Flick's!”

AJF said...

Sorry Woody, you won't like this movie then. Go rent yourself "Goodfellas", one of the best Italian chick flicks ever....

JDogg said...

I pray for President Bush and his staff every day too.