Saturday, July 28, 2007

Get Out Of Debt

We began teaching the Crown Financial Ministries small group study several years ago. The Crown study is an absolute must for every believer, I really believe this. Much of it is plain, biblical, common sense. In the small group context, however, a greater awareness and accountability happens and this seriously assists the effectiveness of the study. This skit done on SNL a while back is a great example of something very obvious, but overlooked too often today.


GUNNY said...

Sheer greatness.

It reminds me of the skit where the mice were in class learning about the pitfalls of the mousetrap.

"But, what if you REALLY want the chesse?"

"No, it will kill you."

"What about a rat trap?!"

Frontier Forest said...

I remember when my weekly prayer partner and my dear devoted brother in Christ, Gary Nagel encouraged me and Cheri to take the 10 week, "Crown Ministry" course. My first thought was, "I am tither, what else do I need to know about giving?"
The greatest joy in my Christina life was learning the powerful, life-changing disciplines of understanding and letting go of our stuff, confessing from our hearts, not just our heads, "God owns it all!
True Giving to the Lord doesn’t just mean tithing, that’s only where Biblical stewardship begins. The precepts of knowing “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills” wasn’t a shock to me. But finally learning "God doesn’t need my money” … well, this was a real shocker to my pride-filled pocket book.