Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beckham nothing...Blanco is here

I could care less about David Beckham coming to the MLS. Far more interesting to me is the addition of one of the greatest Mexican soccer players of all time- Cauauhtemoc Blanco. The video is one of his last goals scored for his Mexican team, Club America, before coming to the U.S. to play for the Chicago Fire.

Blanco is both loved and hated by Mexican fans. He's a fiery player with an odd gait and very deceptive quickness. Bottom line- he scores key goals and motivates his team to play harder. I love Mexican culture, I love Mexican passion, I think Blanco's arrival to U.S. Soccer is far more interesting then Beckham's Hollywood splash.

I understand why the MLS picked Beckham to be their poster boy. He's a good looking, well spoken, Brit. Everyone loves such a guy. Still, Blanco is more my style. A gritty-looking, passionate, Spanish-only speaking, controversial, fiesty player. Long term, if Blanco stays in shape and plays 3-4 seasons, he might have a better impact on the MLS than Beckham...and for a lot less money.

I just came back from watching the K.C. Wizards play against Blanco and the Chicago Fire. It was a tremendously entertaining game and Blanco didn't disappoint. There was a huge Mexican contingency at the game and Brian and I sat right in the middle of them. Man do I love Mexican culture. Blanco had many nice plays and passes. He missed a penalty kick, which shocked the crowd. He assisted on a goal and chirped at one of the KC defenders most of the night. He makes everything more exciting.

Bravo Blanco...who cares about Beckham?


GUNNY said...

Hater in the house!

I'm confused. You get on the Barry Bonds bandwagon and love him once he becomes popular and all roided up, but you have to kick Becks in the shorts because he's so bloody English?!

G'day, mate!

I guess I just don't understand soccer.

I guess I'll just have to "throw another shrimp on the barbee!"

P.S. When's the World Cup so I can root for Deutschland again?

AJF said...

Now, now...I'm a lover, not a hater.

I've never liked Bonds...ever.

Beckham has been a great player in Europe, no doubt. I just like the Latino soccer mindset better than the English. The only soccer I like better is that of my people...the reigning World Cup Champions, Italia.

Next World Cup- 2010, South Africa.

Kampfgruppe Hoppa said...

Those, I mean football players whether their European or Latin American are just plain crazy. Wait, actually it's the fans...they're crazy. As for me, I root for Bayern Munchen along with the rest of the crazy Bavarians.

Hough said...

Much agreed, loved watching Blanco. I'm in for any game he comes here to play in. Perhaps Laura and I will even name our next child Blanco.

Shanaclan said...

Is Blanco also a luchadore? He's no match for Ramses, he's the best (in my best nacho accent)

AJF said...

Shan- funny you mention Nacho, we saw a few luchador masks in the crowd. Very cool.

Brian- Tomi suggested not "Blanco" for your yet unborn child, but rather- "Cuauhtémoc"...that's a name I can endorse!

Frontier Forest said...

I would rather preach.