Thursday, August 9, 2007

The greatest movie trailer ever...

I am not a big fan of movie trailers because they rarely give a true depiction of the movie they are advertising. They can be entertaining for sure, in many cases they are more entertaining than the actual movie. How many times have you viewed a trailer and said, "I have to see that", then think to yourself while watching the movie, "that trailer had all the best parts of this lame movie"?
There is one exception to my general disdain for movie trailers, and here it is before you. This particular trailer for The Godfather (which also happens to be the greatest movie of all time) captures some key moments in the film without giving too much away. It doesn't oversell the movie, yet it makes you want to see it.

I wish more trailers were like this one. Then again, I wish more movies were like The Godfather.


GUNNY said...

Well, since this is perhaps the greatest movie of all time, it's little surprise that this is perhaps the greatest trailer of all time.

I just got me a plasma tv with surrounding sound and all that jazz. I got my 1080p up in this piece and all that.

All I need now ... the Godfather on DVD.

I have the VHS of the trifecta, but I think it's time to upgrade at that position. Amen?

Perhaps Santa will be good to me this year. ; - )

AJF said...

By all means, don't wait for would be poor stewardship to have such a TV and not have a DVD HD Godfather triology on hand!

Frontier Forest said...

I guess I better put this bloody, vial and brutal movie on my NetFlix? If I get all corrupted, can I will blame my pastor?

AJF said...

The bible has much that is bloody and vile....

I am not endorsing sinful activity depicted in this movie, but rather acknowledging the accurate, culturally enlightening description it gives to a portion of Sicilian-american life in the early part of the 20th Century. Further, you will be hard-pressed to see better acting than Brando's "Don Vito Corleone".

Frontier Forest said...

You’re right about the blood and vile! Plenty of examples of the wrath of God poured out upon sinful man. My appreciation for Brando measures about as much as my love for the likes of Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn. But I gotter ordered on Netflix and will let you know if I can get around Brando's gravel or chunks of marbles he keeps in his mouth.

AJF said...

dissin' on my people....

Don't be surprised if you find a horsehead in your bed some time.

Rick Calohan said...


As great as Brando was, my vote has to go to Michael “Al Pacino” Corleone as the real Godfather, in The Godfather he tries to reassure his wife Kay (played by Diane Keaton) that is not true.

Michael, is it true?
Don't ask me about my business, Kay...
Is it true?
Don't ask me about my business...
MICHAEL (as he slams his hand on the desk)
Alright. This one time [Michael points his finger] -- this one time I'll let you ask me about
my affairs...
KAY (whispering)
Is it true? -- Is it?
MICHAEL (quietly, shaking his head)
KAY (after a sigh of relief and Michael kisses and hugs her)
I guess we both need a drink, huh?
[Kay leaves the room to fix Michael a drink. At the same time, Rocco, Clemenza,
and Neri enter the office. Clemenza shakes Michael's hand. Kay turns her head to watch
them. They embrace Michael, then kiss his hand.]
CLEMENZA (kissing Michael's hand)
Don Corleone...
[Rocco kisses Michael's hand as Neri shuts the door blocking Kay's view]
Classic scene from a classic movie, but Godfather II was even better because they kept going back to the past and the present and the famous quote from Michael as the Godfather, "If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone."

About the only thing salvageable from Godfather III besides the Papal Plot, was when Michael says, “Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in.”