Wednesday, August 1, 2007

With a best friend like this, who needs enemies?

Wow...again...look what I'm missing out on by not having a dog:

FOX News: A Memphis, Tenn., man is in critical condition Wednesday after his dog shot him in the back. Police say King George, a 150-pound Great Dane, accidentally knocked a .22-caliber pistol off his owner's end table around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. The gun went off, hitting his 21-year-old owner in the back, reports.

"I knew he was smart, I didn't think he was that smart," the victim's fiancee, Miesha Lucas told "He was always protective. I didn't think he would be like that." Police refused to name the victim as they do not plan to file charges in the shooting, which they've ruled as accidental. Lucas told that she fears what her fiance will do to the pet once he gets out of the hospital. The shooting occurred in the Raleigh section of Memphis.

My favorite quote is : "I knew he was smart, I didn't think he was that smart". Is she serious? The rich young ruler isn't the only delusional person referenced on this blog.


M. Jay Bennett said...

Just in time for the new Underdog movie!

Qayaq said...

Everytime you post a story like that I am going to counter it with a story like this.

Note this is the same kind of dog that I have. Pit Bulls are easily 100# heavier!!!

Feisty Jack Russell dies after saving five children from marauding pit bulls

Q1x00200_9 This is an ode to a dog. Not just any dog, mind you.

This is a real-life Lassie, a hero who died protecting his young masters from two much bigger and much more dangerous animals.

This is, in the end, a sad story.

Q1x00187_9_2New Zealand media report that George, a 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier, suffered fatal wounds while protecting five young children from two vicious pit bulls.

Richard Rosewarne, 11, tells his local paper that the pit bulls came up behind them and were going for his 4-year-old brother, Darryl Wilson, when tiny George jumped between them.

"These two pit bulls rushed up and were going for the little boy. George went for them, it's what he would do. He didn't stand a chance, but I reckon he saved that boy from being chewed up," owner Alan Gay, 69, tells the Taranaki Daily News. "These pitbulls should be banned. They're killers and it comes from them being bred for fighting."

The dogs that killed George were covered in his blood when they returned home, and are now being kept in a local pound where they will be destroyed, the local paper reports. Their owner is said to face possible prosecution.

Radio New Zealand says the local government plans to crack down on dangerous dogs.

I could not get it to link so I had to copy and paste the story.

AJF said...

Now Qayaq...I'm all for free speech. Just not on my blog! I was a good sport in posting your response, but since your points don't help my point, I won't publish in the future! I don't claim to be fair and balanced! ha ha!

GUNNY said...

No Scooby Snacks for that pup!

Hey, I've been a dog owner as long as I could remember and I've never been shot by one, certainly not in the back.

I've been brow beat a few times and stabbed, but never actually shot. True, Fido did cock the hammer back on my .357 and give me the "I'm hungry now, mister" look, but that was all with a firearm.

Now we keep firearms out of the reach of canines.

Frontier Forest said...

Wished you bloggers could have seen the somewhat honest expression on Pastor Tony's face when, a couple of Sunday nights ago, during joy & prayer time, one of our young warriors ask for us to pray for her sick dog. Tony kind a smiled, was calm and seemed legitimately concerned. As he glanced down gaining composure, he looked around for some moral support, and he agreed in lifting the dog to God's Throne Room of Grace. All of us pious-pooch-pillars were proud of our compassionate shepherd.

AJF said... memory is lacking Woody...did that happen?

JON MEYERS said...

This is straight from KC - A Dog started a fire in an apartment. Once again, why would you have a dog in an apartment, especially a mountian dog?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A small fire at an apartment near 43rd and Mercier streets Tuesday morning may have been started by a dog, authorities said. The five family members who live in the apartment were not home. Authorities said it appears the fire started when family's Bernese mountain dog jumped to get something off the stove and may have hit a knob to one of the burners. The dog and two cats escaped. KMBC's Brenda Washington reported the dog jumped out a window firefighters had broken and was followed by the cats. The dog was taken to the veterinarian to be treated for cuts.

Qayaq said...

I noticed the trend that in all your dog stories the dogs are BIG dogs. I have a bunch of stories (that I guess will be censored) about small dogs saving peoples lives.
I guess the thing to do would be to get a dog small enough that if it tried to bite you face off or shoot you or could simply stomp it to death like a bug...

Frontier Forest said...

You don't remember? Come on Tony, that pious-pooch prayer petition must have really thrown you a loop? You don’t think you could be delusional? Someone needs to confirm this reality to Tony or AMEN me on this?

Qayaq said...

Frontier Forrest, I was not there or I would definately be backing you up. We dog lovers have to stick together.

Mark Davis said...

That prayer request for the dog came from my Rebecca. She asked for prayer the next week for our bird. That's just the tip of the ice berg for us. You've prayed for our fish and hamster in the past, and will likely pray for some more dogs, birds, fish, and maybe a hermit crab or two in the near future. You're going to have plenty of chances to flash that pet-loving smile of yours.

AJF said...


I've been found out. I was hoping Mark wouldn't check this post.

I can't believe it. Just too many witnesses.

I have to admit, I do have a soft spot. It's not for pets, it's for those who love them- especially kids. When they ask for prayer concerning their pets, it's a serious matter to them. So, when I prayed for these various pets- and I confess to doing so- I truly wish for the Lord to heal them, so as to bring joy to their master's.

The Lord does love to buffet me in such a way!

I feel totally exposed.

Frontier Forest said...

aajzlTony insights are right on again! After all, HE created them before He got to us. He was saving His best work for last, but every creature is just part of His splendid and glorious Supremacy! Remember what I learned during Tony’s transforming lessons of life through Colossians, "Christ’s ultimate Supremacy… Lord over EVERY THING in the UNIVERSE!”

malcolm said...

2:30 in the morning and a loaded gun on the table. I am sure no booze or drugs involved. Oh, I've got a great idea....let's blame the dog!!!!!!!!!!!