Friday, September 14, 2007

Lies, Lies! Nothing but Lies!

I have been dieting for several months now, not a fad diet, but an effort to eat and exercise in a more disciplined way than ever before in my life. I've lost weight "fast" many times in my post-married life, but this effort has been more balanced and hopefully more sustainable- I'm sure I'll always struggle with gluttony and self-control, but for now, God has been giving me some relative victory in these related areas.

Anyways, every couple of weeks I allow myself to splurge by eating a big, greasy hamburger. Hamburgers are among my favorite of all foods. If I were on death row, my final meal would likely be a 3/4 pound burger from Fuddrucker's or something similar. Yesterday was my day to have a burger, so I went to Wendy's and ordered the "Baconator" (a supposed "mountain of mouth-watering taste").

The picture possessed everything I could desire in a burger- 1/2 pound of meat, two slices of cheese, and a bunch of bacon. What more could someone desire? Just look at the picture above.

Friends- it's all lies! The bacon was nothing like the picture and I feel that I squandered one of my two designated "burger moments" for the month of September! I feel cheated and abused! How could Wendy's do this to me? In my fatter days, my patronage probably paid for one of Dave Thomas' grandchildren's college education- this is how they repay me? False advertising abounds, but's so personal. I have been victimized. The bacon was old and limp, not fresh and crisp like the picture. I tremble with injustice as I write this post. The inhumanity of it all!

I can write no more...


Dennis said...

Never EVER trust the advertisement picture.

AJF said...

I feel so dumb...

Frontier Forest said...

Shame on Wendy’s! I HATE LIMP BACON! But hurray for Pastors Tony and Nathan's diets! John Cameron and Joel Thomas are right in there with you! But as for me and my house, Austin’s "Burger of Burger" rules! Monday night 1/2 price on burgers and fries! Watching my waist too, but won’t be able to give up Austin’s Monday night special! Austin’s is our “Cheers”.

Rick Calohan said...


When I read about the criminal act by Wendy’s I was thinking of Michael Douglas in the movie “Falling Down”, thankfully for Wendy’s and their patrons you are a man who not only teaches Grace, but also lives it.

Just remember the higher your cholesterol just shows the world how much more you enjoy life.

Until I had my gallbladder surgery in 2000, I never weighed over 150 lbs; 7 years later I flux between 200-210, while my idea weight is 180.

I never diet or think about it, as we Reformers would say, it’s Predestination. Remember this world is temporal, and while we should take care of our bodies, it is not the be all and end all after all we are to certain extent predisposed from our family history.

I will say that fast food and adult beverages and inactivity will contribute to a larger spare tire, but as they say there is more of you to love.

In the words of Bruce Springsteen no retreat, baby no surrender.

Frontier Forest said...

Tony, just remembered! You shared that 15 is opening day of bow season in Missouri. Hope you and Nathan can share many happy deer burgers.
My side of Beef from one of Joel's pets will be ready real soon!

AJF said...

I'll be in NE Missouri Mon-Tues to kick off the bow season!

GUNNY said...

That's bad bull. I had one about a month ago and really cared for it, going BBQ sauce,however, instead of the customary slooge sauce.

My only complaint was that it was not a triple. Ergo, I had to act like I was in the shower with some lather-rinse, repeat, as I reloaded for a second round.

Still, if I'm gonna mail it in on my diet, it's hard to top a sack of White Castles.

Can a brutha get an "Amen" up in this piece?

Rick Calohan said...


Here is the link to the youtube video clip from Falling Down referenced in my earlier post. By the way for those who do not know me I am not the Rick from the movie.