Friday, September 21, 2007

Would Jesus Chain His Dogs?

You know how I love good dog humor, being such a fan of the canine species and all. I came across a website that insists dogs deserve a better life than to be chained and penned up.

The site distributes a series of posters that criticize the practice of chaining up your dog(s). Some of the slogans are:

"If you think I want to live life like this...think again...I deserve better than life on a chain or in a pen."

"Your grandfather did it, your father did it...isn't it time for you to BREAK THE CHAIN? I deserve better than life on a chain or in a pen."

I do think choosing to keep a dog as a pet makes little sense if you have to keep it chained up for most of it's existence, but that's not what caught my eye on this site. The above poster depicting Jesus petting a chained dog with other pathetic victims looking on is what did it for me. It poses the question:

"Would Jesus Chain His Dogs ?"

Hmmmm.... I wonder.


GUNNY said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this is a *bit* over the top.

I also would be willing to bet you a dime to a donut that some of these folks couldn't give a hoot about unborn baby humans or the quality of life for humans in general.

What's up with that?

Kampfgruppe Hoppa said...

I totally agree with this ad. Chaining up your dog is just plain mean spirited. That's why I bought the Wireless Pet Containment System (I like to call it Doggie Shock Therapy). No more evil, nasty chains. No my dog gets to roam free in her designated area without being tied to a heavy, cumbersome chain. However, she even thinks about stepping outside of the perimeter and...well, you get the picture. This system is a true joy for the entire family. WWJD? Probably would have purchased the Wireless Pet Containment System for the numerous dogs he owned around Nazareth.

AJF said...


Frontier Forest said...

I agree with Gunny! Some radical humanist had to have drug this twisted concept out of Hell’s gutter! I still believe I witnessed one of the sickest paradoxical bit of humanistic vomit ever daringly displayed on a bumper sticker. Get ready; on one side of the beat up bumper was, “I BREAK FOR ANIMALS!” Then on the other side: “PRO-CHOICE!” Save the dogs but kill the babies! That’s about it for me! Just wished I could have taken a picture for Tony’s Blog.