Friday, October 26, 2007

Anyone with a title is an expert, I guess.

(FoxNews) Scientist: Human Race May Split in Two in Far Future

The human race may split in the next 100,000 years, according to a British scientist. Oliver Curry, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics, thinks two subspecies will emerge: a tall, slim, intelligent privileged class, and a short, squat, ugly, dim-witted race of servants.

If that sounds remarkably like what H.G. Wells foresaw in "The Time Machine" with his Eloi and Morlocks, that's because the division of species into slender "gracile" and husky "robust" forms occurs repeatedly in the evolutionary history of higher primates.

For example, the common chimpanzees is a tough, violent, meat-eating ape, while its close relative the bonobo is a slimmer, more gentle, largely vegetarian peace-lover.

This is depressing. I know which subspecies will evolve from me- it won't be the tall, slim, intelligent class!

But seriously, what is an "evolutionary psychologist"? Are we to believe an "evolutionary psychologist" is a scientist? Why does Foxnews start the article with "Scientist"? I think I get it- by stating "Scientist" before the theory is offered, us dim-witted folk (evolutionarily speaking) are to give it more credibility than if a "non-scientist" were to do the same. The problem as I see it-other than presenting a ridiculous, unsubstantiated theory-is calling an "evolutionary psychologist" a scientist. Also, why does this "Scientist" work at the London school of economics? Why does this "expert" garner front webpage news status? How lame. Short and squatty maybe, but a fool I am not.

Foxnews seems to be getting more and more tabloidish.


Kampfgruppe Hoppa said...

I've got the short, squat part down. However, I consider myself more akin to the peace-loving, life enjoying Hobbits. Frodo lives!

I am not an evolutionary-psychologist economist but I play one on Prime-Time. Anyway, I really don't think we'll make the "split" because Global Warming will do us all in.

Mark Davis said...

As an Evolutionary Trombonist, I'm convinced that scientists will cease to exist if they keep letting Evolutionary Psychologists come to the conventions.

Frontier Forest said...

Hate to admit, but for over 9 years, I allowed myself and my wife to be subjected to pastor who spoke very eloquently and even convincingly, weaving his evolutionary beliefs into sermons, based on watered-down, Biblical exposition. What’s now, even more disgusting for me is this, there were several times I felt bold enough to challenge him on his liberal teachings of theology, but I am ashamed that I never felt equipped nor had the courage to address his extreme liberal beliefs and thoughts on evolution. Looking back, I ask myself why? God had certainly gifted me a changed mind and all of Christ’s authority and His limitless power was and is available for every believer who would dare to stand for truth! Then why was I afraid to confront the worlds “educational knowledge” with simple Biblical and God given wisdom? I lament and ask myself, how could I let this go? I should and could have taken a Biblical stand and lovingly addressed this very influential and powerful teacher/preacher!
“It’s perfectly acceptable for thinking Christians today to challenge the Genesis creation story. Christians need to learn to think for themselves, examine both side and understand that evolution is not the churches enemy. After all, even the big bang had to begin with a supreme being.”
God forbid that I every sit quietly by and allow such garbage to be vomited forward from any person, place or pulpit.
Thanks be unto Jesus, for Pastor Tony stand for truth!

AJF said...

lol Mark!