Monday, October 1, 2007

Bow-hunting time

Today is the open to the bow hunting season in Kansas. Things are too hectic at church in preparation for this weekend's big sanctuary dedication activities for me to leave town to hunt my favorite spot for a few days like I usually do. So, in the spirit of not missing an opening day, I spent a couple enjoyable hours sitting in one of my stands close to home this morning. It was a cool, windless morning. I got in to my stand at 5:15 am and sat in the chilly pre-dawn hour and a half in time to listen to owls hooting, coyotes howling, a coon screaming at something, cattle lowing in the distance, and the scurrying sound of a squirrel going after fresh acorns (not to mention an obnoxious dog-undoubtedly chained up and cranky-barking like an idiot on the neighboring property). Around 7:30 a doe and a fawn came within range, but it's too early to take a doe, so I passed. An hour later, three more does came in to range, I just enjoyed watching them move on to their beds for the day. Immediately after the does moved off, a 2 1/2 year-old eight-point buck moved in the same area. I didn't have a clear shot, but I wouldn't have taken one even if I did. I'm looking to take a four-year old or better buck this year. No rush. Many more sits required and a few weeks more before I can expect to see a big boy. I'll try to take a few does in the middle of the month to make the time pass before the big bucks are trawling and I take a week vacation. Does taste better and I have various people who want the meat.

I got in to the office around 9:30 am today already having been up 5 1/2 hours. After dinner, I'm heading to another stand till dark. Time to watch, wait, pray (and not just for a big buck to come by!), and relax.


M. Jay Bennett said...

I envy you!

I sure do miss bow hunting back home. No where to do it here in Texas that I can afford.

Frontier Forest said...

Dearest Pastor of Patient Passion!
We just got back from a wonderful week of vacation, in the midst of God's beauty and magnificent grandeur; the Sandea Christo’s of Angel Fire, NM and the San Juan Mountains of Creede, Co. The Lord had just completed colorfully seasoning the rugged mountains by splashing the Aspens with a full array of glory and splendor. Every where you looked, HE has spotted the peaks and the valleys with brilliant yellows and gold’s. So bright were the colors, they almost hurt your eyes. What's more, it was bow-season for Moose, Elk, Mule Deer, Prong-Horned Goats and Mountain Sheep. Sure thought of you and wished you and Nathan could do a hunt here. Would love to see some of these trophy’s on your walls.
PS I know it's whimpy, but I caught my limit of big fat Rainbow's every morning before Cheri had her first cup of coffee.

manik said...

which bow do you use, i use recurve bow, they are great!