Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The End Is Near...

The past several days, for all the great celebrating we did at church, contained several events that make me convinced the end is near.

- The Westminster Eagles (the soccer team I coach) lost in the last 5 minutes of the game for the second time this season.
- The Yankees lost to the Indians (because of a plague of locusts in game 2).
- The Sabres lost their first two games of the new NHL season.
- The Bills lost to the Cowboys on a lucky 53- yard field goal.
- I missed an opportunity on a giant 9-point buck (with "stuff" on the bases of his antlers- very cool, mature deer) because I set up wrong yesterday morning.
- I had to drink coffee (the nectar of demons) this morning to warm up and wake up...sorry Dad- no whiskey in it.
Too much oddity...too much strangeness...too much catastrophe to be a coincidence.


Frontier Forest said...

You should have seen the huge Rainbow Trout that broke my line last Friday morning!! I swear it had to be at least a 4 ponder! Got him right to the bank, and because I too, thought "his end was near", instead of walking to a place where I could gently swing him up on a low bank, I tried to lift the big guy up and out, and my 4 pound test immediately popped! Tony, I was proud of myself, only one small swear word came forth. Sure have lamented not having a net! O' well, some one else should get the thrill of catching him!

M. Jay Bennett said...

Hey now!

That field goal was pure skill. Remember, he had to kick it twice!

Go Cowboys!


M. Jay Bennett said...

Oh, and sorry about the deer. I can sympathize with you. I've missed a few big ones myself.

Lyle Burton said...

Having read your recent post about the detergent bottle banjo, the two posts about the two dedication services, and now the post containing your dire prediction that the end is near, I see a plethora of evidence of what a truly multi-faceted person you really are. Keep on keeping on!

AJF said...

Lyle- I'm an enigma all wrapped up in a riddle! ha ha.

AJF said...

Jay the Bennett- Technically, I didn't "miss" this deer. I set up wrong as I was hunting on the ground (no choice, the wind didn't favor my tree stand). He came in directly at my tree. I had to sit still and hope he cut to one side or the other. Instead, like all old deer do, he stayed directly behind the tree while figuring out what the fat blob was behind the tree. He then bolted before I could turn and draw. He was less than 10 steps away when he bolted.

Oh..I've missed (shot over/under, etc.) many times. That's bowhunting.

Rick Calohan said...

Matthew 24 and Mark 13 aside

Some signs that it is not the end.

· My son will be born on or about March 9, 2008.

· The Pittsburgh Steelers are in first place with 4 wins and 1 loss.

· The Boston Celtics won its first game of the season.

· The St. Louis Blues are 1 and 1.

Signs that they are here.

· Elton John will be in Kansas City this weekend.

· Joe Torre may no longer be the manager of the Yankees.

· The Red Sox dare I say it may go to the World Series and win before the next 86 years are up!

· Hillary Clinton may become our next President.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up!! The Bills had their retro uniforms on and looked great. They are my favorite team (my favorite team is WHOEVER is playing the Cowboys and having said that, my 'favorite team' has done almost as good as the Chiefs in the last 10 years)!!! Will never forget how the 'boys' treated Tom Landry and every other Coach they ever had...and don't forget my favorite movie NOT 'North Dallas Forty'.

Rack me.,,,,I'm out.


GUNNY said...

Plus ...

The Cowboys are 5-0, alone atop the NFC.

The Aggies are 2-0 in the Big XII, alone atop the Big XII South.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Dallas will somehow some way blow it. Can't remember in my ancient ancient life, a team coming up empty because the quarterback cannot hold the ball for the field goal kicker. But, again, my favorite team took em that day.

Rack me again,

The "NFC", I rest my case

I'm Out