Wednesday, October 3, 2007

That one guitar...felt good in his hands...

A couple weeks ago Nathan Clark George came to do a concert at our church. It was a great concert, a real blessing and encouragement. His music is original, biblical, honest, and great quality (see my earlier review of NCG). Nathan is coming back to Redeemer in December to present a Christmas concert with three other musicians.

One of the sweeter parts of Nathan's visit was fellowship my family could have with his. Chief among great accomplishments while the George's were here was treating them to the best barbecue in the world (KC style). Their poor children thought Memphis had the best! I think their eyes are now open and aware of their former error. I'm always trying to help a brother out in such ways of enlightenment.
My oldest son AJ (pictured above on the right with Elaine & Jonathan George), has wanted to learn the guitar since hearing Nathan lead worship at Horn Creek this past Summer. A few weeks ago, AJ had me build him a banjo out of an old detergent bottle, a wood stake, and some fishing line. AJ can sing one of Nathan's songs on it (for the most part)! AJ was anxious to see what a real musician could do with his banjo. As you would imagine, Nathan was able to make it play a tune or two! Great times!

To my pastor friends and other faithful, variously located readers- I highly recommend inviting Nathan to present a concert at your church. I am sure it will be a blessing to you and your church family as it was for us at Redeemer. Also, check out his site for music samples.

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Frontier Forest said...

All the way to Angel Fire, we were blessed by listening to the Lord through Nathan's anointed music.
Truly a gifted and humble servant of the Most High!