Monday, November 19, 2007

Big Game on Saturday

If you would have told me a college football game between the Missouri Tigers and the Kansas Jayhawks would have national title implications I would have never believed you...ever. Mizzou has been average for the past 10 years. Kansas has been awful until the last couple of years. Now, in this 2007 campaign, Mizzou has just one loss and Kansas has none (granted, their schedule ain't the toughest, I think they played Mohawk Valley Community College twice?). They meet Saturday in the most important game in the history of their rivalry. If Mizzou wins, they have a slight chance at winning the national title. If Kansas wins, they have a better chance of winning the national title. If Kansas goes undefeated, they will certainly be in the championship game.


I grew up in "Big Ten" country. Penn State was my team. When I lived in Chicago I enjoyed the Big Ten focus being in Illinois brought. I thought the Big 12 was basically a country-bumpkin-Texas-football cult conference. I thought it was sheer politics that gave Nebraska the national title over undefeated Penn State in 1994. I've been further down on the Big 12 ever since.

But I have to say, this year, the power is in the the Big 12. Thankfully the balance of power is north and east, not down in Texas. To top it off, the Kansas City area will host the mother of all Midwest college rivalries when Mizzou and KU lock up on Saturday at Arrowhead. Man, this is what competition is about.

Several guys from church will be going to the game. I'll pass, as I don't like to be out late on a Saturday night before preaching (not to mention-alcohol and Mizzou people equals one horrific, drunken, mess)-plus, I'm not that invested emotionally. I went to Moody Bible Institute, not one of these godless institutions (oops...). I will catch it on the tube though. Who am I rooting for? I'd like to see KU win. Why? Because KU Coach Mark Mangino is Italian.


Rick Calohan said...

This is a tough one for me, I was born in Springfield, Missourah, grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, rooted for Notre Dame because after all they are or in the case of this season they were the Fighting Irish. Always watched Army-Navy game and rooted for Army, of which I served six years, five months, 14 days. (Yes, I was the lone supply clerk who kept the North Koreans from crossing the boarder; I was there up to my knees in rice paddies watching the Gulf War on CNN in Seoul, Korea) Went to KU for half a semester in 1993, (Transmission went out on my 1986, Ford T-Bird) graduated from UMKC in 2000, lived in Kansas since 1996, I am going to say the Mizzou Tigers will upset the Choke Joke Kansas Jayhawks for no other reason than the fact that former Kansas City Mayor Kay Barns is rooting for them.

GUNNY said...

Tony wrote: "I thought the Big 12 was basically a country-bumpkin-Texas-football cult conference."

Well ... that's the way it oughtta be!

Tony wrote:"I think they played Mohawk Valley Community College twice"

Well, to be fair, one of those games was a road game for KU.

Frontier Forest said...

Having lived in Oklahoma for 40 years, and remembering the golden days of the “Sooners” under Bud Wilkinson and then Berry Switzer era, your don’t need to remind me that college football is serious business! Winning a National Championship is the dream of every college coach and player, and it means huge dollars as well as notable prestige to the school! This year it looks like the “Big 12” will be well represented. And as for this weekends game, I am excited about this huge event strictly for monetary reasons. This colossal showdown means millions for our city. And I agree with Tony, not because Mangino is Italian, but because he certainly doesn’t fit the stereotype of KU elite, dream coach criteria. Come on Mark Mangino…. Have a another hotdog and Go KU!

jeremy morgan said...

Mark Mangino may very well be two or three Italians.

AJF said...

aw...come on fat jokes!

jeremy morgan said...

Come on now, like you weren't thinking it already... But I'll strive to stay more in line with the high editorial standards of this blog in the future.

Mark Davis said...

Two words: Southeastern Conference. Mizzou and KU in the top ten is a sure sign the apocalypse is upon us. I say we just crown the winner of the SEC title game and be done with it.