Friday, November 30, 2007

How precious

Dogs are such respecters of their masters property. Never mind feeding, sheltering, petting, loving, walking, cleaning up after, and all the various insane services dog owners provide for their does Fido show his thanks? If you're lucky, he'll only tear up your couch (after infesting it with fleas, vomiting on it, and urinating all over it).
Man am I missing out.


Wayne said...

You need to read the poem by Billy Collins called "The Reverent."

Frontier Forest said...

So I guess you don’t let a dog lick you in the face either? You know they say a dog’s mouth is more sanitary than a humans.

AJF said...

Who is "they" who claims a dogs mouth is more sanitary than a human's? I think that's a total farce.

Have you seen what a dog licks on a regular basis?

Instead of letting a dog lick my face, it would be quicker to stick my head in a toilet, multiple times, that's all I'll say since this is a family show.

Frontier Forest said...

I knew I would get a rise from you on that comment! HA HA!