Monday, November 26, 2007

A new dose of Seinfeld

Postmodern, existential, hedonistic, paganism aside, I really enjoyed the Seinfeld show when it ran for almost ten years. I don't watch T.V. as such, so I have the DVDs of the series and pop them in while on the elliptical. They're only 20 minutes each with no commercials.

This past Friday night my family went to see Jerry Seinfeld's new animated family movie, "Bee Movie". It was pretty funny. Don't get me wrong, it's not the dramatic quality of Nacho Libre, nor does it contain the suspense of Dumb and Dumber, but it did provide a new dose of Seinfeld. If you liked the sit com, the movie will make you smile again. Jerry wrote most of the movie and provides the voice for the main bee character. It's classic Seinfeld humor (family-safe however, no master of any domain or "out there and lovin' it Jerry" from Kramer). Nostalgia-wise, the best part is his relationship with his bee parents- it's identical to the relationship Jerry had with his parents in the sit com. Seinfeld show fans should see this movie.


Frontier Forest said...

Tony, what's your favorite Seinfeld episode?
Don’t know why but I never watched the sit-com until the re-runs came out. I think my favorite episode was the hilarious clash between George Castanza and the blonde on the beach. This was when Kramer was trying to learn to play golf and George was trying to impress the blonde. George pretended he was a marine biologist, that is until the golf ball Kramer was hitting got lodged in the blowhole of the estranged whale! Absolute comedy!

Anonymous said...

Frontier Forrest the episode you are thinking of is # 78 Season five “The Marine Biologist” My favorite has to be of the same season was # 86 “The Opposite” Not that there is anything wrong with that… A list of episodes with plots is located:

Ever since I saw the Patriot at the Cinemark Palace VIP Room on the Plaza in 2000, my moving going has been pretty much non-existent. The VIP Room experience is a bit pricey and had it not been for the complementary tickets I probably would not have gone but it is a nice place to see a movie in a non-crowded setting. I did see Disney via Miramax ruin a good piece of history with Pearl Harbor just in its casting in 2001; in fact, I think the last time I saw a movie in a theatre was Windtalkers in 2002. Do not get me wrong I love to watch movies, especially comedies, historical, biographical, and war movies, but I just hate to be in a crowded theatre, and in general can wait until it comes out on DVD or cable.

Beeing a fan of Seinfeld I will be sure to look for it once it becomes available. I remember him discussing this movie when he received the HBO Lifetime Comedy Award. It is nice to know, that the buzz from you is that this movie is not about nothing and has received “the family friendly” recommendation from you. I know it is probably in the same genre of Toy Story, Ice Age, and Shrek et. al. that my mom and wife enjoy, and perhaps when my son becomes of age I will trek to the theatres again, but in the mean time I will enjoy the beauty of closed captioning, the ability to pause, and video on demand.

Reepicheep said...

Wow..if I had to pick:

1. The Hamptons...The George/pool episode...that's all I'm saying
2. The Puffy Shirt
3. Soup Nazi.

I also like all the episodes with Newman...he's the best supporting sitcom character ever.

Frontier Forest said...

I didn't see that one, but Keith, my business partner, just explained to me about the "low-talker", George’s “Hand Job” in the Puffy Shirt episode! I laughed until I cried.
Truly an amazing comedian, way before his time! Then we mustn't forget the interview/insult between Seinfeld and Larry King! Wished the old cast could an entire episode on that on!