Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tough Mom

Every parent has their way of training, disciplining, encouraging, and guiding children. Check out this Mom's way of making an impression upon her son.


Frontier Forest said...

I can certainly think of a better way for a mother to “train up a child in the ways of the Lord!”

Nathan said...

This will be featured in our Shepherding a Child's Heart Class on Sunday. HMMM..What would Tedd Tripp think?

Marsha said...

Wow. That momma has GUTS! I pray that her son learned his lesson!

Christi said...

Maybe it's anti-Tedd Tripp, but I applaud her. When a child is that far gone, and you know most of our society is, it's like the old addage: "desperate times call for desperate measures." Besides, isn't God's discipline with us sometimes humiliating, too, because we can't hide our sin from public viewing? It's just the kind of discipline that worked with me when I got pregnant out of wedlock at 19. That's the instrument through which God brought me back into the fold. You can only hide a preg. belly for so long. (BTW, married the daddy, and have a God-blessed marriage for almost 15 yrs. now.)

Many blessings,

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AJF said...

good points