Monday, December 31, 2007

Some Highlights from 2007

As the sun sets on 2007, I am reflecting on the many blessings of the year past. I'll share some personal highlights, keeping in mind that every day with my wife, boys, parents, extended family and church family was a highlight, and I'm not just saying that to avoid spousal and/or congregational heat!

1/4-5 Pastoral leadership retreat with Nathan and Brian. Great time of prayer, planning, and fellowship.

1/8 REEPICHEEP, the blog, is born. I've very much enjoyed doing this blog.

1/20 Went Coyote hunting with my son Nico and later saw my son AJ make his first two baskets in a basketball game.

2/6 Attended "Pastor's Day" at the Capitol Building in Topeka and had the privilege of opening the Senate's Session with prayer.

Sometime in February- I don't know which Wednesday night it was, but some time in February I scored a sweet back heel goal on Brian. Definite ESPN Sportscenter highlight.

2/26 Attended a pre-screening of "Amazing Grace" with my wife Shari. It was a great movie, but an even better time with my wife at a very nice dinner.

3/4 Dr. Bryan Chapell visited and preached at Redeemer. He's a great encouragement to me personally.

3/15-17 Attended the Ligonier Conference in Orlando. Power-packed line-up: Sproul, Zacharias, Piper, MacArthur, and Mohler.

4/13-14 Redeemer Men's Retreat with my friend Patric Knaak as the speaker. He challenged us regarding "Marketplace Spirituality". Living the gospel in all spheres of our lives.

4/20-13 COZUMEL trip with my awesome wife! Man, what a great time! Our 14-year overdue honeymoon, and it was superb.

4/24 Start of the "Pastor's Diet" with Nathan and Brian. My goal was to lose 40 pounds in one year. I'm currently at 25 pounds. I need to lose 15 more before 4/24/08.

5/12 Wizards game VS FC Dallas. The Wizards lost, but it was a humorous time sitting with Brian in the FC Dallas fan section of Arrowhead, with my Wizards shirt on.

5/29 Shot my double-bearded Tom (turkey) down in SE Kansas. Got that one mounted.

6/1 Attended the NHRA Drag Race in Topeka with the Redeemer Men's ministry group. Quite possibly the most manly thing I have ever witnessed.

6/30-7/7 Family Vacation to Horn Creek, Colorado. Wonderful time of refreshment and fellowship with my family in the mountains. Became better acquainted with Nathan Clark George (he led worship at the camp) and saw my son AJ complete a hike no 8 year old should have been able to do. Very proud papa.

7/11-13 Trip to Chicago to hang with my college buddies, eat Chicago Pizza, play golf, and bid farewell to my friend Patric who was moving to Philly at the end of the month.

7/23,24,26 Attended the Yankees games at Kaufman against the Royals. Always a thrill to see the 26-time world champions destroy an opponent.

7/31 Enjoyed a relaxing time out with my bride on our 14th Wedding Anniversary.

8/2 Attended the Wyandotte County Fair Demolition Derby. Nothing like the smell of mud, beer, oil, antifreeze, and rednecks! The Mullets were o'plenty and the craze bashin' and crashin' didn't fail to disappoint! Only in America!

8/20 The start of WCA Soccer camp. I coach the school junior high boys soccer team and love it.

9/2 First Worship Service in Redeemer's new sanctuary. One of the most moving days of my life.

9/23 Nathan Clark George concert in the new sanctuary. Not only do I count Nathan a friend, I love his music. I was so thrilled to have him be the first concert in our new sanctuary. It was a blessed time.

10/6-7 Redeemer Sanctuary Dedication Weekend. We had a splendid dinner Saturday night followed by a partial dedication service in the new sanctuary. Sunday morning was a glorious worship service with our founding pastor, Mike Milton, preaching. We had the final dedication litany in that service. Being part of the planning, building, and dedication of this sanctuary will surely rank as one of the greatest highlights of my life. To God be the Glory.

10/16 Official meeting with the adoption agency we will be using to adopt a baby. This is the result of years of consideration, months of prayer, and weeks of intense introspection. Thus the journey begins for our family. Only God knows how long it will be until another child is added to the Brothers Felich.

THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER- Lots of bow hunting. Too many exciting highlights to mention, but no deer harvested yet. Also, the soul patch is added to my face. Despite widespread mockery, I exert my dominion, and keep it...for now.
11/17 Took my son Jordan on an evening bow hunt as a fulfillment of a promise to take him hunting when he turned 5. We had a neat encounter with a small buck. He's going to be a great hunting buddy.

11/28 Took my dad gun hunting for deer. He missed on a good buck, but that's O.K. I just cherish any time I can spend with my dad anywhere, but especially in the deer woods. We won't have these opportunities forever.

12/6 Harvested a good buck with my bow. Praise the Lord for a friend like Nathan! He left the office, put on his boots and jacket, and helped me drag that big ole' boy to the truck.

Advent- this past Advent season was one of my most memorable. Having my parents here, enjoying special services at Church, studying and preaching on Handel's Messiah, and the overall spirit of the season seemed to combine for a particularly unique period of spiritual reflection for me.

12/9 The Particularization of Christ Covenant Church. For five years we have been assisting a wonderful group of saints in the Northland of KC to establish a new PCA Church. The service to make them an "official" church was very meaningful and moving to me. May God bless Pastor Eric Adams, their new elders (Mike and Peter), and the whole congregation of Christ Covenant!

December in general- We have taken various opportunities to share our desire and efforts to adopt with our friends and family this month. We're praying for this to actually happen in 2008, as the Lord wills.

There are certainly other highlights I could have mentioned. God is far too good to me and my family. There were also many challenges that required heavy applications of God's grace. I count the trials as blessings also.

May God bless you and yours in 2008.


Rick Calohan said...

One of my daily highlights is reading your blog and the wonderful ministry that springs forth from it. Granted not all your post are about faith, however you cover so many everyday topics, from current events, politics, sports, humor, and the day to day joys of family life. Thank you Tony, Nathan, and the Redeemer family for welcoming Dorothy and I as we look forward to becoming members of your congregation soon along with adding our son to be John Patrick via baptism in 2008. Happy New Year and May God continue to bless you and yours in 2008 and beyond!

jeff from nj said...

Tony - 2 comments/questions...

1) Double Beard??? You have to e-mail me a picture. I'll send you my email address to your address at church. there's another common thread! we both turkey hunt too.

2) how did your 5 year old do sitting in the woods with you? My oldest is also 5, and he'd like to go in the woods with me. let me know how you did the whole thing.

Sounds like you had a truly blessed year! I hope your 2008 is as blessed, especially as you dive into adoption procedings! God Bless!

Frontier Forest said...

As I humbly reflect my own 2007 highlights, I have much to be thankful for!
1. My business crippled through the worst year I have ever witnessed in the lumber business!
Surviving this terribly depressed Kansas City housing market, is indeed, due only to God's goodness
and His endless mercy!
2. Being part of the Redeemer Mission team, taking part in my seventh mission to Moldova.
3. The Lord answered a long-time petition, granting me the honor and privilege, of preaching God's
Word to the lost, inside prison walls of a Former Soviet Gulag.
4. Keeping my 2007 News Years Resolution: To begin each day by reading 3 daily devotional books. Plus, to read 12 additional Christ-centered books. (Joyfully I confess, I completed 11.)
5. Having my long-time prayer and accountability partner and his dear wife, become members of the
great Redeemer flock.

malcolm said...

Did you make a new year's resolution to shave of the soup catcher?

AJF said...

I'm thinking about it...but only to have it come back at an undisclosed time, bigger and better than before...

It must be on my own terms, however, not because of the mocking I have been enduring.