Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Choose a Candidate

Rick and the Woodster alerted me to a good link that matches you with your candidate by taking a survey. There are many such surveys out there, but the questions on this one seem (to me) to be more well-rounded than others I have taken.
Take the survey yourself, then report your top three candidates in the comments to this post. Don't post a long commentary, just your matches.

My top three, according to the survey, were:

1. Fred Thompson

2. John McCain

3. Duncan Hunter

I find these results interesting. I am not a registered Republican, but it does seem I line up with Republican candidates in this election. I share almost no similar views with any of the Democratic candidates. I think Obama and I agree on line item vetoes, that's about it. Still, of the three guys I basically line up with, I have serious doubts any could win. I was initially excited about Fred Thompson's candidacy, but he just doesn't seem to want it. McCain is the most electable of my apparent matches, but he feels like a Bob Dole-type candidate who will look very old if Obama is the democratic nominee (which I think he will be). If Hillary wins the Dem nomination, McCain has a chance. I think Huckabee and Romney are the most electable Republicans in light of their more populous messages, which I don't like.

This is tough. I should probably be supporting John McCain.


Anonymous said...

Hunter, Thompson, Romney

Rick Calohan said...

1. Duncan “I can’t win because I am a true conservative and my party is not” Hunter scores 84 2. Fred “ I sound better on the Radio than what I look like on TV” Thompson & John “Bull Moose” McCain both scored 77 3. I am a Huckster and you are a sucker if you vote for me & Mormonite Moroni both scored 56.

In addition, it is the same link I have featured in previous post regarding candidates on this blog and their positions but I digress.

AJF said...

Sorry for not giving props Rick..I'll adjust the post to reflect your earlier alert...

tom kessler said...

Duncan Hunter, Fred Thompson, John McCain, Mitt Romney.

Should I be glad Hillary Clinton
Scored: 15 with me? I am surprised she got that many.

Rick Calohan said...

Not a problem Tony, I know how links can get lost in the blogosphere, and how emails are passed along with a link to a site that may seem new. I received the link on October 9, 2007. I included in a post in November regarding the Ron Paul phenom.


The main thing is that people who do take the survey will not only know where the candidates stand but maybe where they stand. Granted anyone from the GOP is far better than any one from the Pinko Commie Humanistic Socialist Tax & Spend Abortionist Gay Rights Al Qaeda party sorry I mean Democratic Party.

On the Democrat side for me it was

1. Richardson 28, 2. The Anti-Christ & Silky Pony Breck Girl 14 and 3. Osama and Joe "The Forgotten Plagiarist" Biden with 7.

Anonymous said...

Romney, Freddy T, & Hunter

Phantom495 said...

McCain, Hunter, Thompson all within a couple of points. I just can't reconcile these results with the problems I have with McCain, like McCain-Feingold, McCain-Lieberman, McCain-Kennedy-Edwards, and other bills that prove he is no conservative.

AJF said...

Maybe this survey is where McCain put all his money...it's rigged?

Andrew Malloy said...

Apparently mine are:

1) Mike Huckabee
2) John McCain
3) Fred Thompson

On the energy issue, growing up on a farm and wanting to sustain our environment (not to the point of Gore), I like ethanol and the production of that. It helps my father who is a farmer. However, government assistance to farmers for the production of more ethanol is bad. Why you ask? Because the government only gives money to farmers who farm a LOT of land. This counts out my dad (small farm farmer) and makes a huge monopoly!

Ok, that's all I have to say about that. Thus, I do not support federal assistance on the energy question.

Bad side of ethanol - makes prices of everything else go up!

Then we could go to Ron Paul and say that our dollar is worth a penny now days, but I won't necessarily go there.

Frontier Forest said...

Hate to admit it, but I am terrible disappointed in George W. To his credit, we do have 2 good Supreme Court judges, we got 2tax cuts and got rid of Saddam. But for the past 2 or so years, he just seems out of touch with reality? I am so disgusted with the Republicans I even watched the Dem's debate last night. Don't go there.... I ain't voten’ Demm! But don't trust McCaine, and can't go with Romney's Mormon thinking. I like Fred but someone will have to wake him up. And Huckabee is a good man, but the more he talks, the more I hesitate, sounds too much like Slick Willie. Rudy is more of a Dem than a Republican, especially on important social issues. Then there is the entertaining and amusing Ron Paul.. a nut that reminds me of H Ross Perot! And like many of you… who in the world is Duncan Hunter?
Going to be a very interesting race?

AJF said...

I just wish Dan Quayle would run :)

MOBUGZ said...

Hunter 76, Thompson 71, McCain 64

grj said...

Hunter, Huckabee, Thompson all within a few points

jeff in nj said...

Thompson - 64, Duncan Who?-59, and McLame, uh, McCain - 46

rgmann said...

Maybe this survey is where McCain put all his money...it's rigged?

That has to be the case, because I seriously dislike McCain, and these are the results that this survey spit out at me:

John McCain -- 72

Duncan Hunter -- 69

Fred Thompson -- 69

Mike Huckabee -- 55 (you just know he got mega-teased as a kid with that name!)

Mitt Romney -- 55 (Rick’s “Mormonite Moroni” had me rolling!)

Ron Paul -- 43 (I like him about as much as Hillary. How did he get 43?)

Rudi Giuliani -- 41

And with all the “Pinko Commie Humanistic Socialist Tax & Spend Abortionist Gay Rights Al Qaeda party” candidates below that, with Hillary second to last with 7! In case you are wondering: No, I’m not a Democrat!

AJF said...

I am begining to agree with Roger. McCain comes out high in all of our survey results. Something is very fishy.

Chad Marshall said...

Mine were Hunter, Thompson and Romney.

Matt said...

I'm so discouraged. Something must be wrong with me.

McCain, Hunter, Thompson.

Yes, John "Maverick" McCain was my first choice. My question is, on what DAY did they capture his positions? Must have been Republican Wednesday, when he didn't have any press appearances scheduled.

On the plus side, John Edwards and I only agreed on Capital Punishment,although we'd probably disagree on who it is that should receive the penalty - criminals or the upper class.

OK, gotta go. The McCain campaign is heading out to put up Hillary signs.

Rick Calohan said...

Well the original questions were from Minnesota Public Radio. The main thing I disagree with McCain is on immigration. The only logic to allow illegals to becom legal is to impress them into military service and send them to Iraq and Afghanistan. If we adopted that policy that may kill two birds with one stone.

Jim said...

Ron Paul-Huckabee (Tie)

Here's another quiz-type thing that places you in a two-dimensional political space (an economic dimension and a social dimension).


Joe V said...

I'm having trouble deciding who would be the bigger disaster for America--Giuliani or McCain. It could very well be the latter....