Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Goose Gets His Due

With all slanted focus on the Yanks in the recent Mitchell report and all the hatin' focused upon my Bombers, it's good to see the Goose get his due being elected to the Hall of Fame.

I was around 7 years old when I started watching the Yanks. It just so happened to be the year they beat a certain evil team in the 1978 World Series. The man who got the final out? Rich "Goose" Gossage. I think Mariano Rivera will rightly go down as the greatest Yankee closer ever, if not the greatest in all of MLB history, however, the Goose was the most intimidating and electrifying. He was one of the best pure closers ever, and not just one inning to close, try 2 or 3 some times. Also, he sported a sweet moustache!

Congrats to Goose on this day when he has been elected to MLB's highest honor.

Anyone know how many votes McGwire got? Oh yeah...23.5% ouch!


Rick Calohan said...

As much as we love the Yankees and Gossage the one let down came in 1980 that Royals fan always love to show when the Yanks are in town. Brett's upper-deck homer off Goose Gossage in the top of the seventh inning in Game Three of the ALCS sealed a three-game sweep of the New York Yankees. Nothing more pathetic than to watch a 13 year old kid (me) cry after that game. Where was Tom Hanks when you needed him? It also did not help that all my friends were rooting for the Royals. However, what a treat it was to see him pitch in my yoot not only on TV but even more so when the Yanks came to Kansas City.

GUNNY said...

Well, the American League is hard to take seriously with that whole "Designated Hitter" tomfoolery, but that's another story.

( I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter.)

What's good for the Goose, should be good for the Big Mac. Who cares about the Gander?!

I think Big Mac is playing "rope a dope" with the HOF voters. He's lulling them to sleep for the big finish next year.

Yeah ... that's the ticket!

AJF said...

The DH makes AL pitching all the more impressive.

AJF said...

Fox SPorts Dayne Perry makes a good observation about Gunny's boy, McGwire, as it relates to his lack of second year HOF vote increase:

McGwire, once again, fell far short of the 75 percent needed for induction, and, in a fairly shocking bit of symmetry, received the exact same vote total that he did in 2007. Seeing such consistency is rare enough, but it's especially puzzling in McGwire's case. That's because it was widely anticipated that McGwire would receive a second-year bounce in the balloting. McGwire, not for nothing, is strongly suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs, and many voters, with some justification, believe that McGwire, without resorting to PEDs, never would've surged to such an extent in the latter half of his career.

Still, the notion that we have nothing in the way of hard-and-fast evidence on McGwire (other than drastic body changes, gaudy numbers, admitted use of androstenedione, the allegations of Jose Canseco and an embarrassingly meek performance on Capitol Hill) led many to believe that last year McGwire was the victim of a temporary and punitive "not on the first ballot" vote and that this year he might surge to 50 percent or so. Obviously, that didn't happen. Now the question is why.

malcolm said...

The Goose has major ties to KC as he was the on the mound in the pine tar game. I heard George Brett on the radio this morning and he hit 289 against the Goose. That is loads better that many great hitters that faced him, however George was a lefty and Goose seldom threw his slider to him. Brett also made a great point in that Goose was intimidator and wasn't afraid to give you a little chin music. I don't want to see anyone get heard, but it's a shame that baseball has taken away the inside of the plate in favor of the hitters and high salaries