Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Inexplicably interesting words II

Like my first post with the same name, I am not claiming this post to be very significant or even worth reading, so feel free to stop reading and "click on" somewhere else. You'll never get back the 15-25 seconds it takes you to read and think about this.

There are several English words that I find intriguing . I always enjoy seeing how, when, and why they are used. Here are a few of those:

Exacerbate: to make more violent, bitter, or severe. To embitter the feelings of (a person); irritate; exasperate. Intensify, inflame, worsen.

Stymie: To thwart; stump. An obstacle or obstruction. A situation in golf in which an opponent's ball obstructs the line of play of one's own ball on the putting green.

Mogul: A powerful business leader or a bump on a ski slope.

Legalese: The specialized vocabulary of the legal profession, especially when considered to be complex or abstruse. The jargon of attorneys, which often seems redundant or unclear to the layperson.


Sean Brandt said...

Fortunately, I had 15-25 seconds to spare.

tom kessler said...

I was glad I didn't have to reading anything controversial while my food was digesting in those 15 seconds.

Frontier Forest said...

I think my word for the day is “duplicity”. Especially during these convoluted and terribly complicated election debates. Duplicity means, deceitfulness in speech or conduct; speaking or acting in two different ways concerning the same matter with intent to deceive; double-dealing. Or duplicity, a twofold or double state or quality. What it seems to boil down to…. Duplicity and politicians, one in the same!

Mark Davis said...

Here are some that, like a car in a ditch, I usually slow down to check out:

Filigree - sounds like a brand of Scotch, doesn't it?

Ombudsman - if elected to such a post, my first act would be to change the name of it.

Tete-a-tete - less than radar love, more than a conversation; an unmanly version of face-to-face; easily misunderstood, sometimes with unpleasant consequences

malcolm said...

Ahh, my all time favorite word is "bodacious" and was also the name of a famous rodeo bull.
1. Remarkable; prodigious.
2. Audacious; gutsy.
1. Completely; extremely.
2. Audaciously; boldly.

The best usage of this word was in the movie "An Officer and Gentleman".