Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Only one game worth watching today

I realize New Year's Day is the customary day to sit on the couch and watch college bowl games. For me, I usually have had a sermon "due" the following Sunday, so sitting home all day, any day, to watch games hasn't been an option in my recent life. Still, I try to take in one game on January 1. Hmmmm...which game should I watch ?


In less than 30 minutes I will turn on my T.V. to watch the most historic game to be played in a U.S. football stadium during my life time. It's not even a football game. You guessed it, today, for the first time at the professional level (NHL), a hockey game will be played outdoors in an 80,000 seat stadium. To make matters more glorious, the game will be played in my home city of Buffalo, New York with my beloved Sabres hosting the always-exciting Pittsburgh Penguins.

Why on earth would someone opt for a slow, stop and go, football game, when they could watch the manliest of all sports- true modern day gladiators- be played in front of 80,000 fans with snow careening down and the play ripping back and forth on the ice? Man, this is the way hockey was meant to be played! There's nothing like the speed, hitting, and scoring of hockey.

For the record, if the hockey game wasn't on, I'd probably choose to watch Mizzou play Arkansas. Since the hockey game is on, watching a football game today would be a slow-motion let down.

Let's go BUFFALO!
Postgame update: Pittsburgh won in a shoot out, which means Buffalo still salvages a point for their efforts. Great, fast-paced, heavy-hitting, snow-blowing, game. It brought all us pond-playing players from the NE back to our childhood. What an awesome event.


GUNNY said...

Old time hockey.

I love it.

It reminds of how I thought back in '99 (when the Stars smoked the Sabres like a cheap cigar to win Lord Stanley's Cup) that the NHL playoffs should not be played in the summer.

Can't they start in the spring and wind up in the winter so they could finish in February or something?

Then you actually could have some games in outdoor stadiums (in the north at least), which would be fun.

I'm sure they don't want to compete with the NFL (the NBA's not as intimidating), but still.

In '99 you'd have the outside temperature in the 90s (or more) and they had a hard time keeping the ice INSIDE the arena solid.

Incidentally, you can watch some stick & puck AND college football.

TiVo, brutha!

AJF said...

Only one thing to say regarding the 1999 finals vs Dallas: NO GOAL

and everyone knows it.

Hough said...

I watched it. Shame more games are not on National TV, that was fun. Any news on KC getting one of these frozen pond teams?

AJF said...

Man, Brian, I have a new respect for you...O.K.....I now have some respect for you (ha ha). That was fun wasn't it?

No, KC is still content to have a brand new stadium to host Hannah Montana and Elton John, but no professional team.

I just don't think hockey will fly here in the midwest. I don't want to become Nashville II. What an embarrassment.

Kampfgruppe-H said...

You Kansas folks ought to just support the Avalanche!

Frontier Forest said...

I thought Hockey was a brand of men’s underwear?

Rick Calohan said...

Technically speaking those of us who live in Kansas City Area should be supporting the New Jersey Devils nee Colorado Rockies nee Kansas City Scouts. Furthermore, those of us who have had an affiliation with Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, should support the never won the Stanley Cup but has been in existence since 1967 St. Louis Blues which by default makes me a Blues fan. The game would have been of more local interest had the Penguins came to Kansas City, but such is life in Cowtown who since the Scouts moved were only able to have a couple of CHL teams such as the Redwings, then Blues, and Blades. I like the Blades too bad they were the farm team of the San Jose Sharks. There is also one more minor league team that came and went recently I thinks they were the Cowboys or Wranglers or some name like that maybe even the Coyotes.

GUNNY said...

Being from St. Louis, I was a default Blues fan until 1993 (when the Stars came to Dallas).

Honestly, though, I was not a hockey fan until 1998, so it's hard to say I was much of a Blues fan.

Still, they're my second favorite hockey team, even though I got tender with them a few years back for eliminating the Stars.

But, I figured it was payback for stealing Hull away from them.

But we also both hate the Red Wings, so it's all good.


No goal?!

How did I know you might go there?