Friday, January 25, 2008

What's the big deal?

People need to loosen up, check this story out:

Former Golf Club Employees Accused of Cooking, Eating Dog
(Foxnews) Thursday , January 24, 2008

HONOLULU — Two former golf club employees have been charged with theft and cruelty to animals in the death of a pet dog the owners say was cooked and eaten. An Oahu grand jury indicted Saturnino Palting, 58, and Nelson Domingo, 43, both of Kalihi, after the Moanalua Golf Club fired them as maintenance workers. They are charged with stealing a dog owned by Frank Manuma and his wife, Debbie Weil-Manuma. The 8-month-old German shepherd-Labrador mix named Caddy had been tied up near a maintenance shed on Dec. 16 while Frank Manuma played a round of golf. Manuma says police told him the two men butchered and ate his pet. The charges are both felonies punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. "We're delighted that it's moving forward," Manuma said when told of the grand jury indictments.
He said the club had given him permission to bring the dog to the club. Witnesses told golf club officials they saw the workers load the dog into a car and drive away at the end of their shift on Dec. 16. Both were fired after the incident. Manuma said he and his wife considered the dog like a child they never had. When the arrest was first reported, they received expressions of sympathy and offers of new dogs from as far away as Colorado.

He said they now have a 3-month old mixed German shepherd-Golden retriever named Caddy 2.


Kampfgruppe-H said...

I think the more heinous crime is theft. If the two perps would have just purchased their own "dog" food or if the victims would have given the food as a gift, it would/should have been ok. Come on, they do this kind of thing in Korea all the time.

Frontier Forest said...

I love you brother, but don't you think you're pushing the envelope on this one?

tom kessler said...


I doth believe Korea has already been properly recognized for its outstanding cuisine regarding the most popular food served at major league baseball games.

I think it is about time we recognize other nations for there dedication to excellent food - such as the Philippines were Sparky goes for $1.30 USD/kg compared to pork and beef which are sold for $2.10 USD/kg and $3.00USD/kg respectively.

So, an excellent meal at an excellent price.

Lets unite and support our local meat processing centers.

Anonymous said...

What would the "Old Gray Dog" with his foundation to help veteranarians and his love of the canine species think of all you dog hating propoganda?

AJF said...

Not sure. Hey, I don't hate any of God's fact, I love them! Especially with gravy!

ha ha...

Anonymous said...

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