Thursday, February 14, 2008


With Barack Obama running for president there has been much discussion about it being time for America's first African American president.

With Hillary Clinton running for president there has been much discussion about it being time for America's first female president.

I agree that it is time for both, that would be great, but not either of these two!

If McCain has to be president, and I'm not saying he can beat Obama, then so be it. I hope he chooses Condoleezza Rice as his running mate and she becomes a candidate for president in 2012. I can understand her not running for prez this year, she has to get some distance from her current boss. McCain is 71 years old, one term will be more than enough, thank you.

It would be harder to find a sharper, more competent woman than Condoleezza Rice. I think she would make a very good president. The fact I am looking ahead to 2012 reveals how exasperated I feel concerning 2008.


tom kessler said...

He might choose her as his running mate and that would be great, but would she accept the position from a Democrat in disguise? Ops, let me back up; Is he wearing a disguise.

Rick Calohan said...

While Condi would be a nice counter-balance to a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton, it would also be very superficial. Not to negate the great racial and gender divide that we have in this country that is constantly perpetuated by the media, and the Federal Government.

In two weeks to three weeks by the Grace of God, my son will be born. Now to me he will be my son, a gift from God. He will be a citizen of America by birth, and by my citizenship. He will also be a citizen of the Philippines by his mother’s current citizenship. His heritage will include Scottish, Irish, and English, on my side and Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese on his mother’s side. When he fills out a government application, and has to check a box regarding his race. He will have three choices, White, Asian, or Other. Filipinos are not considered to be by the Government to be Pacific Islanders although their ancestors migrated from Malaysia and Indonesia and the fact the Philippines is made up of over seven thousand islands.

Today many of those who are supporting Obama negate the fact his mother was an American, from Kansas who is classified by the government as white. The also negate the fact that his father is a Muslim from Kenya who abandoned him when he was three years old.

Those who are supporting Hillary may be because they are in agreement with her policies, but I am sure many women are supporting her because she is a woman.

In 2000, I was stuck with long form census of our Federal Government, I simply said to the Census taker, when asked race I said Human. When asked Ethnicity, I said I am a Native American, for I was born in the United States of America. Of the confused Census Taker checked the box “Other.”

A house divided will not stand, and although it might make great headlines, it is now 2008, and in my view, if you are born here or became naturalized here you are an American period.

Hopefully, should they write stories about my son, let them say many things that are true about him and his heritage, but most importantly let them say he is a Christian, and he is an American.

GUNNY said...

As I understand it, Condi is pro-choice.

But if not for that, I would have put her up against Hillary straight up in the GOP primaries.

What about Elizabeth Dole?

AJF said...

Elizabeth is too old at 71, in my opinion. Great lady though.

Condi has described herself as mildly pro-choice. She's a little hard to pin down as she says she agrees with the partial birth abortion ban and has also said she thinks George W. Bush has taken a good position on abortion, whatever that exactly means. Further, she has no voting record to evaluate.

Obviously I think her self description on this matter is troublesome, so that would have to be clarified. Having said that, practically, I'm not sure how different she'd be than McCain on that issue.