Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Yesterday Andy Pettitte testified to lawyers of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Pettite was silent about what he revealed when questioned after. Pettitte has already admitted taking Human Growth Hormone when recovering from an elbow injury in 2002 so the line of questions were probably more about his knowledge of other users, namely Roger Clemens, Andy's good friend.

Today Roger Clemens, arguably the greatest pitcher of this generation, also testified to lawyers of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Unlike Pettitte, who looked like he was going to a funeral and was somber on the way out, Clemens entered his interview with confidence and came out- 5 hours later- taking to the microphone and once more claiming he has never used steroids or human growth hormone.

Talk about bold! He is up a major creek if he can be proven to be lying.

My heart wants to believe Roger, my gut is confused, and my head is telling me Pettitte was stressed and silent because he knew he was about to lose a friend for telling the truth.

We'll know what Pettitte said shortly, I think his testimony is key.


Mark Davis said...

Man, I really hope Andy didn't have to roll over on Roger. That would stink. I'm holding out that Andy doesn't know anything, because there isn't anything to know. I really want Roger's story to be the truth.

AJF said...

I agree totally, however, I can't imagine Roger would trust McNamee with a steroid/HGH secret and not share it with Andy, his training partner and friend.

Of all the accused offenders in this ordeal, Clemens is the only one to vehemently deny like this.

Kampfgruppe-H said...

This has probably been said before, but the fact that we are having congressional hearings on a professional sports related issue is just plan silly; Roger 'roid' boy or not.

And folks wonder why congressional approval ratings are below that of President 'Open Borders' Bush.

Frontier Forest said...

I have always wondered why so many professional baseball players look fat and sloppy? Is being out of shape and pot bellied cool? Truth is most of them, looking like they haven’t exercised in years. But come to think of it, Babe Ruth wasn’t a tower of physical stamina either.

AJF said...

Good point Brit.

Come on now Woodster! Fat and sloppy...are you thinking of your pastors? Ha ha.

Frontier Forest said...

Your a lean mean preachen' machine!