Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Buffalo Blood Brothers

While my boys lack the seasoning of hardened Western New York snow warriors, they are obviousy from such stock. They laugh in the face of a Northern cold front.

Nico, AJ, and Jordan (above) went sledding today and dominated the hill with fierce runs, intimidating slaloms, and record-breaking speed.


GUNNY said...

In 2006 I took Brian to the Desiring God conference for pastors ... in Minneapolis ... early February.

I made him walk with me to White Castle ... 1.7 miles ... each way ... uphill both times.

He's never been back since.

AJF said...

I saw a picture of him with John Piper. Brian was dressed in some kind of Spring jacket get up.

GUNNY said...

I figured you'd have him squared away by now, but I guess it's worse than I thought for that Houstonite.

Frontier Forest said...

Pastor T, was this photo taken on top of the big mound by the Olathe, Lowes store? Always brings a smile when watching the swarm of brave young ones come flying down the great manmade hill!

AJF said...

Yep...go to Brian's Youth Blog (link under "linkage" on the right column) and you'll see a video clip.