Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hunter's Expo at OP Convention Center

Nathan and I spent some time at the Hunter's Expo at the Overland Park Convention Center this afternoon.

We were able to hear a talk by Travis Turner (a.k.a. Realtree's "T-Bone") on archery. He's a world class archer and all-around expert on bow set-ups, tuning, and shooting. Travis spoke on the archery topic of kinetic energy and it's importance for good arrow penetration on big game. He also sold me on the need to add weight to my broadheads. Simply put, the more weight front of center on the arrow shaft, the better. At the end of his talk he opened it up for archery questions, the dude is a serious archery stud. There's nothing about a bow set up he doesn't know. We got to chat with him briefly after his talk and also got our picture with him.
We also stopped by the Ross Archery booth where our good buddy Mike Osbourn is the national sales manager. Mike set up our first bows over five years ago and we remain in touch with him. He's a great guy and a brother in the Lord. He convinced me to switch to a Ross bow last season and I couldn't be happier with the choice.

I can't think of a better way to take a break from sermon prep than attending a hunting expo.


Hough said...

You two really are pathetic.

jeff in nj said...

What weight heads were you using, and what's the draw on your bow? just curious. I've been using my huge old hand-me-down Hoyt for 5 years now, and I'm thinking of making adjustments to it, but I'm not sure if I really will because if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? It's a great bow, I've never had a problem stopping a venison train with it, but it's big, old, and heavy (80 lb draw). I can't afford to buy another one, so I'm just going to fiddle with mine.

Right now, I use easton xx75 arrows with 125 gr. tips. My broadheads are the Muzzy Bad to the Bone fixed blades (same as Mike Waddell i think). I just added a drop-away rest, and I'm toying with the idea of switching to mechanical broadheads. Also, I'm going to try the Quick Spin fletching for next season. If I'm not going to buy a new bow, I'm determined to get my shot groups as tight as possible with mine. Actually, my bow is a great bow. It shoots very consistently, and I'm very happy with it.

So, you got to meet T-Bone? That's awesome! He looks like he's lost an immense amount of wieght! Did he mention anything about that? I'd be curious to hear how he lost it all.

On a side note, my 3 boys and I are all home sick from church today. I'm finally going to finish your Handel's "Messiah" sermons today while the boys veg out on the couch. Have great day!

AJF said...

You're set up should be just right, mine is basically the same only with 100 grain Muzzy's. 80 pounds! That's crazy for whitetails. Is it adjustable? I have my bow set for 66 pounds. I'd crank it up for Elk, but it's just right for Whitetails.

T-Bone had some kind of weight loss surgery a couple years ago, he did mention it and how much better his quality of life has been since.

T-Bone is straight up brilliant when it comes to bow setups, tuning, shooting and the whole science of the thing. It was very cool to meet him. Nice guy too.

Hope you guys get better. My oldest is sick today also, we have to drop him off at my dad's house. Dad volunteered to stay home with him today since my wife plays piano and sings in the choir.

AJF said...


Are you serious? We're pathetic?

This from a man who drove 35 miles to watch workers put sod down in a minor league baseball stadium. This from a man who drove to a dead mall to take a picture of a small display case with Wizards socks on sale....

I think you are just sore because we didn't bring you along.

jeff in nj said...

The bow adjusts down to 70 lbs, but I've found that if I crank it down, it's just not as accurate. 80 lbs is heavy, but I can manage it. I have to say, the arrows are smokin' when the leave the string, that's for sure. Hopefully someday I'll get the chance to go for elk. Elk and moose are my 2 dream trips. someday, someday...

Have you been out for Elk? If you have, i guess it probably wasn't in Kansas.

I'd love to meet T-bone someday. That's one disadvantage to living in NJ is that you don't get to do stuff like that out here.

how's the coyote hunting going?

AJF said...

You make me feel like a girly man. No, I haven't been out for Elk yet, some day. Time and $ prohibit for now.

I have had no time to get out and call up some coyotes. Got out once, nothing came in, but I think it's because we brought our smelly youth pastor out with us. He scared 'em off I'm sure. I hope to get out and hunt some yotes during the next two months.

jeff in nj said...

yeah, elk hunting is definitely too expensive a proposition for me. I have a student whose father invites me to go for elk with him in Colorado every year, but there's no way I could afford it. Way too much money.

By the way, my wife and I watched your church's steeple raising video. What an inspiring testament to God's faithfulness in your building project! My 2 older boys watched it with us, and as we were watching the part when the guys put the cross on top, my middle son, Kevin (4), asked "Daddy, is that man going to die on that cross?" It was a funny moment, but also a good reminder of why that cross is there and what it represents for us as believers.

AJF said...

There's tons of publlic hunting land in Colorado for Elk. I even have permission on some near Horn Creek (family camp near Westridge). The expensive part is renting 4-wheelers or horses (if you like) to get in to where the Elk are, then packing the Elk out if you are fortunate enough to harvest one. We're talking a couple thousand bucks minimun- that's doing the hunt "on your own". I just can't justify that much as I know you can relate.

Your sons comment was hilarious. My youngest still wants to watch that video over and over.

Qayaq said...

I noticed from this picture that you lost your soul brotha'

AJF said...

yeah...watching all the "Emergent" dudes with soul patches made me shave mine off....for now.

Frontier Forest said...

Sounds like you and Nathan had a really unique experience! By the way Pastor, while we were snowmobiling in Angel Fire this past week, we came across a heard of Elk! What magnificent creatures! Also got about 25 feet of a mature Bald Eagle, but missed the best! I was in the back of the pack but the 4 snowmobiles in the front all stopped to allow a huge mountain lion to cross in front of them. That would have been really a Kodak moment.
By the way, heard our new ordained Pastor did a great job yesterday! So don’t rag on him real hard. After all, like me, he has a softer side….. we both love “Chick-Flicks!”