Friday, February 15, 2008

Interesting pastoral strategy

Don't take me for a pastoral prude, in fact, I've been preaching through Hosea for the past 5 weeks and have probably set some kind of record for saying "whore" or "whoredom" (hey, it's in the text!). Still, I have no idea what would possess a pastor to do something like what is reported below. I guess if we had "relevant" in our church name I might have a better idea why this is a good pastoral manuever. Would this challenge be instead of the "40 Days of Purpose"? The last sentence is pretty funny though.

Florida Pastor Issues 30-Day Sex Challenge for Congregation (Foxnews)
Friday , February 15, 2008

TAMPA, Fla. — A Florida pastor has a new challenge for his parishioners. It involves sex - a subject that may be taboo in many congregations.

The Relevant Church in Tampa's Ybor City has issued a 30-day sex challenge.
"It's going to be tempting and awkward at the same time for sure," said parishioner Brent Cayson. Single men and women can't have sex for 30 days, and married couples are urged to have it every day.

"If you look at studies, studies say in 30 days you can develop a habit," said Pastor Paul Wirth.
It definitely caught wives in the church by surprise.

"Our married people are far more fearful than our single people," said Wirth.


Kampfgruppe-H said...

I read this story earlier on Fox. Because I'm like Curious George, I did a google search for this guys Church. I found the church website or at least what I think is the website. I read about the 30-day challenge and found the warning: "some material may be inappropriate for younger audiences." I would designate this gimmick as inappropriate especially if it's to be presented in a Sunday school or worship service environment. I'm certainly not afraid to discuss sex with my wife in the privacy of our own home but I must add, gentleman do not kiss and tell.

EJ said...

Gee Whiz. He's sure expecting a lot from his single flock members. I mean, good grief, 30 whole days without fornicating? Wow.

AJF said...

The singles not fornicating I understand, but the mandate for married people to have sex every day during that time period is what makes it more interesting.

Jeff in NJ said...

Where do I sign up???

but seriously, as far as whether or not this is appropriate for a church, I guess it depends on the church. In my current church (Independent Evangelical church) or the church I grew up in (OPC), it wouldn't fly as part of a service. On a couple's weekend, yes.

From the little I could gather from The Relevant Church's web site, it sounds like a good idea for a church meant for 20- and 30- somethings. Encouraging singles to abstain and marrieds to enjoy sounds good to me!

In a semi-related topic, I would like to say that my wife is the best! I have been truly blessed by God with this wonderful woman! This was her Valentine's Day blog post:

Talk to you guys again in 30 days!!

jeff in nj said...

by the way...

if you've been to the Relevent Church's website, did you notice that most of the pastoral staff have some variations of soul patches?

That's a good sign, right??


AJF said...

Man Jeff, you are a sap! ha ha!

On the soul patch front, I'm taking a break because I got sick watching all the "Emergent" guys parading around with one...I figure they'll be out in 6 mos or so and I can grow mine back.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, that is hilarious. If you'll notice, none of us are bald though, so it's ok. You absolutely CANNOT be bald and have a soul patch. That would make you a youth pastor. :)

- Jarrett

Frontier Forest said...

It’s tough for me to comment on this one! But sure wished I could!