Friday, February 15, 2008

Must read: Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey

I began reading Total Truth several months back and have just recently finished it. My dear readers- you have to read this book! Total Truth is the best modern discussion of Worldview there is, but it's much more.

Nancy Pearcey, a fellow Covenant Seminary graduate, is a brilliant thinker and writer. Total Truth is one of those timely, yet timeless books that have the potential to seriously influence the Church in much the same way Francis Schaeffer did with "A Christian Manifesto" and "How Shall We Then Live". Total Truth is on the same level, I kid you not.

I need to read the book a second time and do a chapter by chapter review on this blog, however I just don't have time right now. For now allow me to list the chapter titles and subtitles to whet your appetite.

I'm serious....get this book and read it now.

Contents of Total Truth

Foreword by Phillip E. Johnson

1. What's in a Worldview?
-Breaking Out of the Grid
-Rediscovering Joy
-Keeping Religion in Its Place
-Surviving the Spiritual Wasteland

2. Starting at the Beginning
-Darwin Meets the Berenstain Bears
-The Science of Common Sense
-Today Biology, Tomorrow the World
- Darwins of the Mind

3. How We Lost Our Minds
-What's So Good About Evangelicalism?
-When America Met Christianity -- Guess Who Won?
-Evangelicals' Two-Story Truth
-How Women Started the Culture War

4. What Next? Living It Out
-True Spirituality and Christian Worldview

Appendix 1: How American Politics Became Secularized
Appendix 2: Modern Islam and the New Age Movement
Appendix 3: The Long War Between Materialism and Christianity
Appendix 4: Isms on the Run: Practical Apologetics at L'Abri

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Frontier Forest said...

Pastor Tony, when her book was first released, I heard this brilliant young lady on Hank's "Bible Answer Man" program and her wisdom blew me away! I will put it on my 12 a year list.