Sunday, February 3, 2008


Any time a team from Boston loses, it is cause for rejoicing. When a team from NY defeats a team from Boston, it is downright sweet.

The subplot I like the most concerning the NY Giant win in Superbowl 42 is the vindication of Coach Tom Coughlin and Quarterback Eli Manning. Coughlin and Manning have been the subject of all sorts of criticism for the better part of two years. The cheapest shots have come from whiner Tiki Barber, the all time rushing leader for the Giants who retired last year. As he retired, at age 32 and still in top form, he blasted Tom Coughlin's coaching ability and questioned Eli Manning's intelligence and decision making as a quarterback. Now, less than a year after Barber's attacks, Coughlin and Manning celebrate their team's world championship.

Sweet...and great to see a team from Boston lose.


Rick Calohan said...

When I passed you by and said, “Go Bills!” I am sure you knew I was talking about the Giants. The only team from Boston I root for is the Boston Celtics; of course, my Scotch-Irish Heritage, John Havlicek, and Larry Bird have something to do with that.

With Giants trailing with less than two minutes to go, Dorothy wanted me to switch the channel, to wit I asked, “Where is your faith?” Not to put God to any test, but rooting for the Yankees we all know the great Yogi Berra line, “It ain't over till its over.”

Congratulations to the New York/Jersey Giants, for putting the New England Patriots in their place, they obviously were not stealing any signals or plays tonight! They went 18-1 this season and all Belichick can say is, “We are disappointed.” I was more disappointed by their arrogance and walking off the field before the game was officially over.

I hope that next year the Steelers will back in the Super Bowl to win their 6th Super Bowl. Now, let spring training begin and let us rejoice for this will be the Yankees year! Final year in Yankee Stadium, All-Star Game, new manager Joe Girardi , Posada, Jeter, A-Rod, Cano, Matsui, Abreu, Cabrera, Damon, Rivera, and opening day at the K this year! Although I probably will not attend any games this year, I will have the best seat in house teaching my son John Patrick about the game and the team I love!

AJF said...

Rick,I knew what you meant. I wish the Bills could get good enough to make the playoffs let alone win a SB. That doesn't look like it's going to happen for a while. Actually, other than the Patriots, the parity in the NFL is as good as it's been in a long while. The only negative to a Boston loss is listening to teh 1972 "we didn't play any teams above .500 during the regular season" Dolphins rejoice at being the only undefeated team ever. That stinks.

I'm pumped about the 2008-09 Yanks. I'm concerned about pitching, but I think things are looking good again otherwise...

Mark Davis said...

I would normally pass on any game that involved a showdown between two east coast teams, regardless of sport. That the two teams were NY and NE doesn't help, either. Now that Boston has asserted supremacy over the NY Yankees, America's most hated team, watching another NY vs. Boston championship isn't my idea of fun.

I mean, it was fun the first time the Red Sox owned the stripers, but that got old in a hurry. After lifting "the curse", though, a NY/Boston game was more like watching Raiders vs. Ravens. In such situations, I find myself wishing there was one game could result in two losses.

But this was a little different. Who didn't want to see Belicheat drop the last one? And who thinks Coughlin is above waving that big, shiny Lomardi under Steve Tisch's nose? After pleading for his job at the beginning of the season, it has to be extra sweet to come home Super Bowl Champs.

So, since I had to choose, I chose the team with Eli Manning (southerner) as QB, Plaxico Burress (care either of his names spelled correctly?) as WR, Michael Strahan (why is he grabbing everybody by the face?) at DE, and Tom Coughlin (and they wanted to fire me!) as coach.

But to keep it simple, I could have applied the same rule I applied all year: I'm rooting for whoever plays the Patriots.

AJF said...

you must pass on a lot of games...

Rather than take the bait on the strange assertion that the BoSox can be considered to have somehow established supremacy over the Yanks, I'll call on Rick Calohan to give a bit of the actual facts about the Yankees-Red Sox to who has really dominated who. 26-6 is all I can think of off hand...Rick, help Mark understand about the Yanks vs the BoStinx please.

Rick Calohan said...


I take this assignment gladly.

Now I could throughout numbers all day, but I won’t but here are the facts.

From 1995 to present the only possible time the two teams could play against each other in the playoffs in a head- to-head match up in the American League Championship Series between the Yankees and RedSox

• In 1999 Yankees won 4 games to 1

• In 2003 Yankees won 4 games to 3

• In 2004 BoSox won 4 games 3

Oh did I mention 1978 Playoff game between the two clubs, can you say Bucky Dent! Dent is most famous for his home run in a tie-breaker game against the Boston Red Sox at the end of the 1978 season. Boston had led the American League East Division by as much 10 games (July 6th) that season and led the New York Yankees by as much as 14 games (July 19th).

Now the moment of truth, the World Series Championships

The New York Yankees have been to 39 World Series and won 26.

The Boston RedSox have been to 11 World Series and won 7

New York Yankees AL 26 1923, 1927, 1928, 1932, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1943,
1947, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1956, 1958, 1961, 1962,
1977, 1978, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000
Boston Red Sox AL 7 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918, 2004, 2007

To put it another way for those who are not sports enthusiast but follow Tony’s blog regularly you could say that the Yankees are Calvinist and the RedSox are Remonstrants.

Lets Go Yankees! Lets Go Yankees NOW!

Cletus said...

Help Help, I'm being oppressed!

AJF said...

Very well done Rick. I knew you would have little trouble with this assignment. Hopefully this will help Mark see the light.

Frontier Forest said...

Since I don’t follow sports, my “Sweet” victory was finally being able to meet and greet my dear blogging Brother Rich Calohan and his wife Dorothy at yesterday’s worship. Not only is Rick a brilliant and deep thinker, a wise theologian, obviously he knows sports. And very pleased that Rick passion for sports trivia comes after his passion for the things of the Lord.

Jeff in NJ said...

As a proud hometown GIANTS fan, I would like to say, HA!!! they said we couldn't beat Dallas, they said we couldn't beat Green Bay, and they said we couldn't beat New England. I say let the nay-sayers say nay. I say GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

I am a little biased, but i think that was the absolute best football game I've watched in years.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the monkey off Eli's back but the only way I could 'rejoice' in the Giants win was to subconsciously convince myself the team was from New Jersey. The pressure of an undefeated season got to New England and everyone could see the slippage in performance over the last 3-4 games. They will be back next year, if they make changes on defense. Defense dangerously close to qualifying/collecting social security.

Rick Calohan said...

Woodster, thank you for your kind words and the pleasure was ours as well to finally meat the Woodman.

An earlier correction I think we knew I meant “throw out” and not “throughout” in my earlier post.

Allow me to carve out some more facts.
Yankees vs. Red Sox is the Greatest Rivalry in Sports because it contains every element required for a great rivalry, and more.
“You want history? Try 1,920 head-to-head meetings, not counting the postseason. (For the record, the Yankees lead the all-time series 1,055-865.) You want competitiveness? The teams have finished 1-2 -- Yankees first, Red Sox second -- in the American League East for seven straight years. Since the start of the 2002 season, the teams have played each other 71 times (including postseason), and the Red Sox hold a 36-35 edge.”
However, since the two teams face each other 19 times a year here are the head to head match up.
Victories from
2005 Yankees 10 Red Sox 9

2006 Yankees 11 Red Sox 8

2007 Yankees 10 Red Sox 9

So from 2002 – 2007: Yankees 66 victories to the Red Sox 62.

Overall :
Yankees 1086 – Red Sox 891 Yankees hold a 195 game lead, it would take the Red Sox ten seasons and five games for the Red Sox to win all 19 games season to even tie the Yankees in victories head to head.

AJF said...

YOu have done a great service to the Yankees Nation.

Clearly supremacy lies with the bombers!

Mark Davis said...

Sorry, I think I passed out from the awesomeness of that Yankees tribute. It's a shame the Yankees didn't face the BoSox again this past season to establish striper supremacy once and for all. The Yankees ($195M salary) were denied their manifest destiny by some some wannabe team from Cleveland ($61M salary). It is completely unfair to claim the BoSox are better than the Yankees in years when they don't actually meet in the post-season. My bad.

My point wasn't to tarnish the pristine image of the Yankees (steroids) or their illustrious line of leadership (Billy Martin). I was simply sharing my own amazement at having found some justification to root for a NY team, regardless of sport. I, along with much of the nation, managed to put aside petty grievances (bought championships, living in the past), and root for the only non-New-England team in Super Bowl XLII: the New York Giants.

There have been other seasons when the nation has poured out its cup of support for a NY franchise. Who didn't want to see Buffalo win a few, what with that cute little Flutie leprechaun under center. And we all cheered for the Sabres, because, well where the heck did they come from, anyway? And what about the Jets, back when Joe Namath was wearing fur coats and posing for glamour shots? We were all proud to back Joe Willy. And what about the NY Rangers? Well, maybe if Saudi Arabia got an NHL franchise, and the Rangers played that team, we could all call ourselves Rangers fans. I think there's another NY hockey team, but the name escapes me...

You guys are right to point out the arrogance of NE under Belicheat. How arrogant of him to actually expect to win a championship with all that talent and money at his disposal! He doesn't know how easy he's got it, though. From where I sit, he should thank his lucky stars he's not a NY coach or manager. Getting to the Super Bowl and losing would probably cost him his job.

Joe Torre

AJF said...

Jealousy is an ugly thing and it will do strange things to a person's ability to see reality....

Mark Davis said...

All kidding and flame-baiting aside, I am amazed at the number and quality of pro teams in the Empire State. I guess Cali is a close second. Maybe not even close.

Kansas appears to be in no hurry to acquire a pro team in any sport any time soon. I still can't believe there are two NFL teams in MO. What's up with that?

Hailing from Alabama, I never had much reason to get excited about the NFL or NBA or MLB. The only sport I had growing up was SEC football, and although we do try to treat that as a pro sport, there seems to be some rule somewhere that strongly discourages paying the players. Go figure.

So, Go Bills, Go Giants, Go Mets, Go Nicks, Go Sabres. I still can't root for the Yankees, the Jets or the Rangers, but I'm over 500.

AJF said...

Our state just isn't big enough to support all the teams.

I'm baffled by who the city leaders think will be attracted to the Sprint Center.

I love hockey, but I confess it is largely a Northeast/upper Midwest sport. It just isn't that popular anywhere else. I fear an NHL team would fold here and embarrass our city.

As for NBA basketball- who cares about that thuggary when we can watch such quality college ball?

I wish the Royals could use some of the money the Yankees gave them (salary penalty) and beef up their roster.

jeff in nj said...

In reference to the "empire state" teams, I would just like to give a point of clarification that although they are called "NY", the Jets (do they still play?), and the Giants (you know, the Super Bowl XLII Champions who put the sole blemish on NE's almost perfect season GO BIG BLUE) are actually from New Jersey, just like that other fantastic team, the NJ Devils!

It's kind of funny, New York doesn't seem to want the Giants until now, when they won the Super Bowl. They tried to get the Jets to move to NY. I say you can have the Jets. Get them out of our stadium & into NY, and let us call the Giants what they are, the NJ Giants. It's a fair trade! Anyway, out this way, it seems like people are usually either a Jets/Yankees/Rangers fan, or a Devils/Giants/Mets fan.

AJF said...

Jeff raises a good point. The Buffalo Bills are the only truly NY team.

Mark Davis said...

I appreciate the sentiment, and my heart goes out to NJ. I have to say, though, that till they change any of the names, you're just renting.