Monday, March 17, 2008

Could the media be more obvious?

Obviously the U.S. media wants Obama to be president.

"News" channels like CNN are doing whatever they can to give Obama a free pass for his close association with racist, anti-America pastor Jeremiah Wright. No one is actually unbiased or purely objective, but journalists are supposed to at least feign like they are.

I'd love to play poker with Anderson Cooper, he has no problem showing his hand. Good grief. Can he be journalistically serious when he says Obama's pastor's comments have "nothing to do with the issues the country is facing" or analyzing Obama's judgment in associating with Wright is "Completely off track".

Racism, Race relations, class-strife, and anti-American sentiment are definitely issues this country is dealing with.


Rick Calohan said...

Funny, I thought CNN was the Clinton News Network. I guess now we have to rename it ONN. It could explain why the tornado hit downtown Atlanta the other night. Perhaps it was God's way of telling CNN that He supports McCain!

Matt Staples said...

I'm reminded of a recent posting on Doug Wilson's blog that I thought was thought-provoking:

"Fox News Indignation
Topic: Politics

A lot of attention in this last news cycle is being rendered to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of Obama. Apparently there have been cameras running when he unleashed some of his loonier sentiments, to wit, that the United States government has been actively trying to kill black people by inventing the AIDS virus. This is, of course, loopy, but I was struck by the nature of the Fox News indignation -- i.e. holding such a sentiment is apparently absolutely inconsistent with patriotism.

There is something deep here that I have been working on for some time, and I haven't quite got it sorted out. Plenty of conservative people, yours truly included, believe that the United States government is actively involved in trying to kill black people by means of Planned Parenthood. Look at the eugenics movement, Margaret Sanger's view of "human weeds," the enormous amounts of tax money that goes to Planned Parenthood, and the disproportionate number of black infants who are slaughtered. You don't have to be, as they say, a rocket scientist. So the Rev. Wright and I agree that our government is trying to kill blacks. The difference is that he opposes the way they aren't doing it, and supports the methods they have actually chosen to get the job done. Wright would have done well as one of Lenin's useful idiots.

The curious thing to me here is the apparent (general) immunity that conservatives have when it comes to this kind of thing. Both leftists and conservatives are capable of believing that their government is capable of moral outrages. But when conservatives assert it, it is taken as an expression of true patriotism. When leftists do it, the exact opposite happens. I am not bringing this up to object to the different treatment -- there is probably a good explanation for it. But it is curious. During the Clinton years, it was de rigeur for conservatives to assume that the government was actively involved in cold-blooded murder -- Vince Foster, Ron Brown, not to mention a large percentage of the people connected to Bill's Arkansas drug-running ring. But if someone on the left makes a charge like this, the central problem for the Fox indignants is not the craziness of the charge itself -- pretend the Rev. Wright had said that the CIA had embedded microwave transmissions in iPods that targetted blacks specifically. That kind of thing is what seems to me to be the real problem -- not charges per se, but nutjob charges. But the reaction to this is "how dare he believe our duly-elected government is capable of this?" But our duly-elected government has the blood of forty million infants on its hands, and counting. Why are we talking about "capability"?

When conservatives believe that their government targets blacks with a revolver, and certain leftists (erroneously) believe the job is being done with poison, what kind of sense does it make for Sean Hannity to wax indignant over the "unpatriotic" sentiment that our government is capable of this kind of cold-blooded murder? Sean Hannity believes that the U.S. government has murdered millions more blacks that Rev. Wright believes they have. There is something here that makes no sense at all.

Posted by Douglas Wilson - 3/14/2008 12:14:59 PM"

Matt Staples

Kampfgruppe-H said...

There is no media bias...Obama had nothing to do with Rev. Wright's comments...his comments are taken out of context...nothing here to see folks...the mainstream media is not biased...let's get back to the real issues...

'These aren't the droids you're looking for.' The American public has no defense against Liberal mind tricks.

Frontier Forest said...

Matt, great comments! It sure makes me want to scream out against so many naive and refused to want to get informed Americans. Let’s just bury our heads in the sand and believe God will never punish the United States for such acts of abomination! It seems to me, where we are as a country, the US could be compared to the RICH FOOL in Jesus’ parable in Luke 12:16-20

Frontier Forest said...

Here is an interesting take from a friend of mine. His thoughts pretty well, sums up Barack Obama's entire campaign. And just think, a huge majority of our country actually thinks this man is the one to lead our nation? Very scary to me how blind people can choose to be. Can you believe it?
Quote of the day: "My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it." – Barack Obama
Any questions?