Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cutting your nose off to spite your face

Poor Mikhail Youghzny. The guy had a great rally in his recent match, then after losing it on a poorly struck ball, he hits himself in the head three times with his racket!

Hey, I'm not judging Mr. Youghzny, I have struggled with cutting my nose off to spite my face on more than one occasion. Passions are valuable, but out of control, they can be dangerous. One verse I continually recite to myself and share with my oldest, most fiery son (the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree) is James 1:20:

James 1:20 ...for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.

Special thanks to Malcolm for teaching me the difference between a "volley" and a "rally". I know the latter makes pretty good burgers....

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Frontier Forest said...

What a stupid temper tantrum? It reminds me of much younger me. I was a brand new, over zealous Christian. The men I was working with were making fun of my new found faith, so to exhibit my new testimony and love for Christ, I put my fist through a wall! What a great witness!~