Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Reepicheep image

Here is the first image of Reepicheep from the upcoming Prince Caspian movie (opening May 16)! Thanks Matt!

Reep figures only slightly in Caspian but is a chief character in the third book/movie, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader".


Andrew Malloy said...

I just thought I'd let you know that I have been called to a church in Tchula, MS. Dena and I are excited!

Frontier Forest said...

Can't wait to see Lewis’s next exciting testimonial! Well knowing the Lord will give us, once again, another wonderful peep into the life of such a gifted and brilliant man of God! No one could have ever imaged the far-reaching depths of profound vision CS Lewis is still gifting us with.
May I suggest before the next story is released, rent the outstanding movie on the life of CS Lewis. It is entitled, “CS Lewis, The Magic Never Ends”. The biographical title is very fitting, giving us a glimpse of understanding the true genius of C.S. (Jack) Lewis. The documentary does a good job of introducing the man by name, but this mysterious prophetic writer died long before anyone in his time, would or could recognize his simple ways of telling stories and sharing Christ mission in vivid writings and mental pictures. In this documentary, each personal friend’s testimonial only begins to scratch the true depths of God’s giftedness wrought through mind and the pen of this most puzzling figure. I was especially moved by the life stories told by his brilliant stepson, Douglas Gresham. If anyone could ever come close to “knowing the mind of Christ,” I believe Lewis did. He not only saw the depths of spiritual living, for those totally abandoned unto Christ, but was able to portray the “abundant life”, spoken of in John 10:10, through imaginary many of his make believe, child-like characters. Reading Lewis, I believe Children and adults of all ages get a glorious glimpse into heaven’s magnificent splendor. His words paint pictures, showing us who Christ is, understanding what He came for, and why HE choose to die in our place to pay the ultimate price for our utter sinfulness.

Reepicheep said...

Andrew, that's awesome. Praise God and may He bless your ministry!