Monday, April 7, 2008

National Champions- Kansas Jayhawks

Well, I admit not caring that much about basketball, but it's pretty cool when a local university wins the national title. There are quite a few KU graduates in our church who are pretty happy right now, no doubt.

Actually I enjoyed this game as much as any basketball game I have watched, then again, I only saw the last 5 minutes plus overtime. Wow, talk about an amazing 10 minutes of basketball! We had our usual soccer night at church, which started right at tip-off time. Sorry, I'd rather play pick up soccer with a Peruvian, Scotsman, Mexican kid, a couple Americans, and Brian (from Texas), than watch any basketball game. As providence would have it however, when I got home just before 10pm, the game was still on and I caught the best part of the whole contest.

Despite my general lack of appreciation for basketball, I can identify a great athletic contest when I see one, this national championship game was just that. Congrats to the University of Kansas basketball team. Now Memphis isn't only second place in BBQ to Kansas, but in basketball also.


Rick Calohan said...

Well I watched the first half with KU up by five. The blessing of being a new dad is one gets one’s sleep when one can. So I slept through the second half and overtime. When it comes to basketball and other sports that contain a clock only the last two minutes are truly important to watch because unless its boxing your not really missing anything.
Of course, in America that means 30 minutes worth of television commercials and commentary. When I awoke, Live, Late Breaking, Investigating spent what seem like eternity to me reviewing the highlights of the game, the press conference, and the totally depraved of Lawrence. Being an alumnus of UMKC, the odds of them bringing home the national title are astronomical however, congratulations to KU, too bad it did not take place at the Sprint Center as it did at Kemper back in 1988. Of course, I was up to my knees in rice paddies watching the game in a Quonset hut in Chun Chon, Korea surrounding by OU fans, but I digress.

Frontier Forest said...

I no fan of sports, but have to admit, this was the most exciting game we have ever watched! And congrat’s to the entire KU basketball program. Bill Self seems to be and for sure runs a really class act!

Number 88 said...

I very seldomly skip Soccer night, however, that night was worth it.