Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shameful leadership in Kansas

I have tried to write this post several times since Tuesday, I think I am calm enough now.

On Tuesday our governor, Kathleen Sebelius, vetoed a bill known as the Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act (CARA), despite it passing by wide margins in both the house and the senate.

To put it simply, the CARA legislation would provide for better enforcement of the late-term abortion laws and reduce teen abortions. Despite the relative conservatism of Kansas, "Dr." George Tiller's clinic in Wichita has become the national hot spot for women seeking late term abortions. Tiller has done well skirting existing laws in order to be sure no unborn baby in the third trimester makes it out of his abortuary alive.

The CARA legislation covers 17 areas of abortion law meant to limit the number of abortions, give women more information and protect parental rights.

Redeemer member and House Rep. Lance Kinzer is the prime sponsor of the bill, you can read his statements and reactions on his very informative site here. The Lord has gifted Lance with a sharp intellect, but more importantly, a sensitive spiritual maturity. I am so grateful for Lance's steadfastness on this and other issues. In many ways he has restored my wobbly faith in politicians.

I am not skilled in reading legal documents, but as I understand it, The CARA measure includes the Teen Protection Act, which the Kansas House approved in 2006. It goes after people who sexually abuse teenagers and take them for abortions to cover up their crimes. The measure also requires abortion mills to check IDs of minors and companions, report child sexual abuse to state officials, report incest to law enforcement, and notify the custodial parent of a pregnant minor's intended abortion. Finally, the bill also includes a provision requiring abortion practitioners to allow women an opportunity to see an ultrasound of their unborn child, something almost always left out of pre-abortion "counseling" sessions. There are other details in the bill aimed at addressing a number of unethical if not unlawful tactics used by late-term abortionists.

It seems to me CARA would mostly work to tighten up existing laws in turn effectively reducing the number of late-term abortions carried out in our state. Sebelius' veto of this bill really shows her true colors. She likes the money she receives from pro-abortion sources and is no doubt working for a spot on the cabinet of potential president Obama. She has to maintain her 100% pro-abortion stand, she certainly is consistent.

Lance Kinzer released this statement in reaction to the Governor's veto-

“The decision to veto CARA is a tragedy for women who will continue to be exploited by an industry that places profit above respect for human life. Sadly in Kansas it is not only the abortion industry itself, but the government agencies that are charged with regulating them, that have consistently ignored Kansas law and made our State the late term abortion capital of America . This veto will serve to further the tragedy of abortion in Kansas . CARA passed both the House and Senate by substantial margins because it represents exactly the kind of reform necessary to protect women and enforce existing law. I will do everything in my power to work to override this veto.”

So, the prayer now is for Lance and Company to be successful in overriding Sebelius' shameful veto. He is hard at work, take a look at the effort here.

I have no personal angst for Kathleen Sebelius, I realize her thinking is the fruit of a sin-soaked culture and she represents the opinion of many people. Still, in the eyes of God, I am sure what she has done in vetoing this bill is shameful and wrong.

Acceptance of human sacrifice is always the marker of a culture that is terminally ill. May God grant us repentance as a nation before His longsuffering ends.


grj said...

Thanks for your straight forward approach to this horrendous display by an elected offical of putting her own agenda and pocketbook above the needs of the people that she has taken an oath to serve and protect.

She has to KNOW what she is doing and she is certainly cashing the checks and pocketing the cash from the blood money Tiller and PP pay her. She is certainly guilty of sins against God for not fulfilling the office He has placed her in.

The judges in the Supreme Court of Ks and the lower judges (many who have been appointed by our governor) who refuse to uphold the law are guilty of sins against God as well as impeding a criminal investigation and obstructing justice.

These people should be held accountable.

I pray that everyone will call their Legislators and Senators and ask them to call for a complete investigation of our Ks governor and her cronies, as well as to support Mr. Kinzer and the CARA bill. E-mail addresses are readily available on the web, as well as phone #'s.

THANK GOD for men and women that are willing to stand up and call for an end to the corruption that is so deeply entrenched in our state. Please be that person, it only takes a few moments to let your voice be heard.

Thank God for the Representatives and Senator's who took such a bold stand and spoke so clearly about the Gov at yesterday's press release. Pray for the Lord to give them and the others strength and courage to do the same, and more, in the upcoming days.

Praise God for His movement in His Kingdom through these people.amen

Rick Calohan said...

When leaders such as Phill Kline, Dan Quayle, et. al, who have been cast aside by the majority of the voters, because of the media’s character assassinations have distorted the truth, is proof positive of a nation that has forgotten its past. A nation that has become so immune, apathetic, and self absorb that they will vote for a candidate based on what they promise to steal from the rich in order to give to them.

It is my prayer that more men like Lance will continue to fight the good fight and that the voters of this state wake up, rise up, and vote PRO LIFE!

Thank you Lance for your leadership on this issue in the Kansas Legislature and thank you Tony for your leadership on this issue and keeping us informed.

Proof positive of why I did not leave the Democratic Party, it left me. Despite whatever objections you may have against Senator John McCain, he is Pro Life, and if given the opportunity will appoint Pro Life Judges to the Supreme Court as I posted on this blog previously:

Using a round off number of American causalities of The War on Terror 3000 “innocent” civilians on September 11, 2001, and 4000 military personnel since the war equals 7,000 lives and families affected in almost the last 7 years. Now using a conservative estimate since January 22, 1973, at a rate of 100,000 unborn babies aborted every month, equals 1.2 million a year, multiplied by 35 years equals 42 million unborn babies. So what of the 3288 lives a day murdered for the Protection of ‘Privacy’ rights of Women. In three days, we as a nation have murdered more than those who have died in the last 7 years. Where are the protestors for those casualties of innocent lives slaughtered right here in America?

The sanctity of human life must always be our main objective in order to uphold the cultural mandate.

2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Frontier Forest said...

Dear Brave Warrior for Jesus, I just copied and pasted your penetrating comments about our cowardly governor, casting every thought forth unto the masses in my address book.
I am deeply saddened and totally ashamed to call her MY governor. May God have mercy upon our nation!