Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vintage Sproul at T4G 08 (Updated w/link)

This post will necessarily be incomplete because there's no way for you to listen to the sermon I just heard by R.C. Sproul today. I hope it becomes available online, you have to listen to it. (UPDATE) The sermon can be found here.

R.C. Sproul is the single most influential reformed pastor/theologian in modern times, I think few would disagree. I do not agree with everything Sproul says (I don't get his affinity for Aquinas), but I am exceedingly appreciative of the vast majority of his teaching ministry with and through Ligonier. Countless are the people at Redeemer who have benefited from his ministry. I praise God for him.

In recent years his health has been somewhat poor, in fact, I have invited him to preach at Redeemer several times but his speaking schedule is continually being reduced. He is limited to preaching Sunday at his church and about 5 conferences per year. At this conference he had to be transported in a wheel chair as he was suffering some kind of vertigo apparently related to a stroke he had a few years back. For his sermon he couldn't stand, instead he sat in a high-backed chair at the pulpit.

I first heard R.C. Sproul in 1987 or so, on the radio. Then, while at Moody in 1990 I heard him preach at a Chicago area church. He spoke eloquently and convincingly on the holiness of God. At that time I was already a convinced Calvinist, but not a very learned one. Hearing Sproul in 1990 prompted me to start reading his books and picking up his tapes. Over the next 18 years, to this day, I have read over half of Sproul's 75 + books, watched most of his video series, heard many sermons on tape and CD. I have heard him preach in person around 15 times in these 18 years. All this is to preface the following statement:

The sermon he preached this afternoon may well be the best sermon I have ever heard him preach. It was that powerful.

Sproul preached on the "Curse Motif in the Atonement of Christ". Like I said, as soon as this becomes available, you have to listen. If it means buying it, do it. It's that good. It was absolute vintage Sproul where he begins with the text of Galatians 3:13 in reference to Christ- "Cursed is everyone who is hanged on a tree-", then he backs up and takes you from the original curse on humanity in the garden, through the pronouncements of curses upon God's enemies and God's wayward people, through to the Day of Atonement and the curse on the Scapegoat all the way to Christ being "cursed" by God for us. There is no way for me to do his sermon justice. I can only say I was profoundly affected. The message of God's willingness to curse His own Son for my salvation has freshened my hardened heart once more.


Rick Calohan said...


Here is the link regarding the Curse Motif

Tim Challies is posting updates as the week unfolds


Nevertheless, its good to know we have an inside man in you keeping us posted as well!

Perhaps all the PCA pastors can go over to the PCUSA headquarters and preach the Gospel to the apostates at the Office of the PCUSA General Assembly located ironically at Witherspoon Street.

GUNNY said...

"The sermon he preached this afternoon may well be the best sermon I have ever heard him preach. It was that powerful."

My admiration for Sproul sets the bar high. Your comment got my attention.

I look forward to getting that audio, knowing I'll be at least 93 sanctification points behind you until I do.

Rick Calohan said...

The free MP3 of the R C Sproul sermon The Curse Motif can be found here.

shanaclan said...

I found a site that's been posting the audio of the messages here.

Dan said...

With post like these you are turning me into a "real" blogger.

Can't wait to listen.

Will Irish said...


Well posted. My "google" search of "t4g08 sproul" led me to your blog, and I would just second your recommendation to make this a PRIORITY for any ears to hear.

I said to my fiance on the phone directly after the panel discussion, that the Lord used this sermon to provide the most intimately clear picture of our Savior, and the finished work He completed on the cross - that I've EVER witnessed. And maybe more profound, it helped to re-affirm the depth of my personal need for a savior.

Grateful for God's kindness in allowing us to be moved by Dr. Sproul's most powerful words.



Frontier Forest said...

Just to imagine being there, I was moved to tears. Sitting at the feet of this great man of God under such anointed preaching for so many years is an honor to be cherished! Bring on the Sproul passion!