Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blanco has the MLS Goal of the Week

I'm a huge soccer fan. I think it's the greatest team sport in the world. Here's a clip of the MLS goals of the week. My favorite current MLS player is Chicago Fire forward Cuauhtémoc Blanco. He's 35 yet still can carry his team to victory. Much is made of David Beckham, but I would have Blanco on my team before Beckham, no question. Blanco's goal (shown in the clips above) was chosen as goal of the week. A left-footed upper corner blast from 30 yards is pretty special.


jeff said...

Even though I'm sort of indifferent to soccer, I do enjoy watching good goals like that, especially when the Spanish guys yell, "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAALL!!!"
And, as a non-soccer guy, even I could see that the Blanco goal was impressive!

We play a faculty vs. students soccer game every year, and that's fun, and I enjoy watching our school's soccer games, but beyond that, I never really watch it. My oldest son enjoys playing it, so my guess is it will play a bigger role in our home in the next few years!

Frontier Forest said...

I watched the clip and just now figuring out why these young men have such flat belly’s. At least I have the peace on mind knowing, none of my joints will need to be replaced with such artificial, manmade metal part because of over exercise.

William Perry Guilkey said...

Hey pastor . . . thanks for sharing that with me. I occasionally enjoy watching paint dry (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz). Oh, excuse me, I must have nodded off for a minute. If I need another nap, I know what sport to watch. (NOTE: Before you post an apologetic defending soccer, I'm just jacking with you. That was actually pretty cool. It's just that soccer became popular about 1/2 a generation behind me. The only names I remember from "my day" are Pele and Kyle Rote Jr. However, I do have a college buddy from Mexico and I have been to his house for a "World Cup Party" with people from other countries and it was actually fun.). Take care and by the way, things are going well. God bless.

Reepicheep said...

William! Good to hear from you, even if you are spewing hate speech against the most glorious of all epic team sports ever invented.

Hey, to make you feel better, your opinion is held by one out of ten people...on you have some company!