Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dropping like a rock

Have you ever seen a rock drop through water? If you haven't, look no farther than Barack Obama's last 6 weeks of running for the Democratic presidential nomination- that's what it looks like.
Obama's once messiah-like presence is really starting to crumble. Virtually all polls show Hillary making significant gains. The Jeremiah Wright debacle, which is still ongoing, has damaged Obama no matter how many empty statements of renunciation he makes regarding his pastor of 20 years. The Republican's have to adore Jeremiah Wright and yearn for him to speak publicly more. In addition to Obama's wrong association with Wright, his view on human life as it relates to abortion is becoming more known(calling a baby "punishment" and an Illinois voting record that makes Hillary look pro-life), his derogatory remarks about small town America paint him as a big city, uppity, elitist, and a highly questionable relationship with terrorist bomber William Ayers has completed a complex of problems for the media-anointed savior of America.

Though not the lock it appeared to be 6 weeks ago, I still think Obama will get his party's nomination for president. The nomination process will have been like an NHL Conference finals play-off that goes 7 games and renders the winning team seriously wounded going in to the Stanley Cup championship series. Obama will be damaged for a showdown against McCain in the general election. McCain is old for a candidate and a bit of a loose cannon, but I'm betting a battle with Obama for the Presidency looks pretty soft compared to his time as a prisoner of the Viet Cong.

If Obama thinks Hillary and co. have been tough on him, he ain't seen nothing, he is in for a total smack down. The chosen one who promised to bring "common sense and team work to solve our nations problems" is now looking more and more like an old school politician, but worse yet- an old school politician who has no real executive experience, a building pile of baggage, and a wily old war hero resting up for the final duel.


Qayaq said...

We can thank "OPERATION C.H.A.O.S for that...

GUNNY said...

He's been his own worst enemy for a while now.

I'm thinking steel cage match at the DNC, brutha!

Frontier Forest said...

Great thoughts! And we have so much more to look forward to. This morning, on the Today show Obama’s wife kept pushing the statement, “Americans need to move beyond this kind of narrow-minded bickering! Americans need to unite!” I say, how can we unite and ignore at the same time? “Come on Rev Wright! Stand up and be heard! Keep your radical harsh rhetoric stirring! The more you manifest your message of anger and bitterness, you will provide for a bigger divide!

Qayaq said...

Are you referring to Rush or to Hussein Obama?

rgmann said...

When I think of Obama, the following proverb comes to mind: "If you lie down with dogs, you'll get fleas."

Or, more in line with biblical principles: "For whatsoever a man sows, that he will also reap."

Qayaq said...

What are all of you on this blogg so angry about? Because if you are a Christian you are angry about something and "clinging onto religion."

GUNNY said...


Good question. I was talking about BHO, but honestly I checked out on Rush more than a few years back.

He was really beating me down with always talking only his right to smoke and how smoking is not the unpardonable sin, etc.

Add to that the lack of content due to always shaking the piece of paper and repeatedly saying, "What's that, Mr. Snerdly?"

And dulump, dulump, dulump and the 5 minute intro of the theme music and telling me once again about the golden microphone and the EIB network and his nicotine-stained fingers and the commercials, etc.

Qayaq said...

I was only kidding. I have been listening lately because it is election year but his constant bragging on himself and the success of C.HA.O.S. gets old.

Wasn't C.H.A.O.S the evil empire in the Flint movies?

GUNNY said...

What are all of you on this blogg so angry about? Because if you are a Christian you are angry about something and "clinging onto religion."

Uh ... Why don't I start?

I'm angry about sin.

I'm angry about the Mavericks demise from being up 2-0 on the Heat in the NBA Finals to losing 12 of their next 15 playoff games, particularly squandering a 67 wins season by losing in the first round to the #8 seed.

I'm angry about the Cowboys ineffectiveness, having not won a playoff game since '96.

I'm angry about the Cardinals getting swept in 2006 after having won 106 games, but that pales in comparison to being angry about the Cardinals getting robbed by Don Denkinger in the '85 World Series.

I'm angry about Magic Johnson getting the AID and derailing a career that had him in the NBA Finals in 9 of his possible 12 seasons. I'm angry about the Lakers losing in '89 to Detroit's bad boys. Had they not, Magic would have 6 rings and the MJ lovers wouldn't be able to say, "He's got more rings."

I'm angry about the Stars giving up 2 short-handed goals in back to back games on consecutive nights.

I'm angry about the name of Christ being profaned by those who hate Him and particularly by those who claim to follow Him.

I'm angry that you posit a non sequitor that one being angry reflects "clinging onto religion."

(Okay, I'm not really angry about that, but I do challenge the assumption/connection.)

GUNNY said...

Hmm. I don't know, but wasn't that name of the evildoers in Don Adams' "Get Smart" back in the day?

Oh ... I am still angry about the Stars giving up those 2 short-handers, especially since the Wings wrapped up a sweep tonight and will be resting waiting to host us at The Joe.

Rick Calohan said...

Using my European-American Left brain, I can objectively deduce that the chickens have come home to roost.

Matthew 24: 11 And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.

I would remind our Reform, Calvinist, Presbyterian brethren the prayer that John Calvin, offered with regard to God’s Divine Providence.

"Grant, Almighty God, that since we are here exposed to so many evils which suddenly arise like violent tempests, O grant that with hearts raised up to heaven, we may yet acquiesce in Thy hidden providence even though we are so tossed here and there according to the judgment of our flesh yet to remain fixed in this truth that Thou wouldst have us believe: that all things are governed by Thee and that nothing takes place except through Thy will so that in the greatest confusions we may always clearly see Thy hand and that Thy counsel is altogether right and perfectly and singularly wise and just. And may we ever call upon Thee and flee to this port that we are tossed here and there in order that Thou mayest, nevertheless, always sustain us by Thine hand until we shall at length be received into that blessed rest which has been procured for us by the blood of Thine only begotten Son." Amen.