Friday, June 6, 2008

Normal life ahead?

This is a picture of Jodie Percival and her son Finley. Ironically, she tried to have him aborted when she thought he might be born with a life threatening disability. Now she seems happy he survived her attempt to kill him, presumably because he turned out normal after all? Pretty sick and selfish. The story is below with my commentary in red.

Baby Miraculously Survives Abortion, Expected to Live 'Normal' Life
Thursday, June 05, 2008

A mother who decided to abort her son because he may have inherited a life-threatening kidney condition is overjoyed that he survived the procedure. (Did you catch that- "may have inherited"!) Jodie Percival of Nottinghamshire, England, said she and her fiancee made the decision to abort baby Finley when she was eight weeks pregnant. Percival's first son Thane died of multicystic dysplastic kidneys — which causes cysts to grow on the kidneys of an unborn baby — and her second child Lewis was born with serious kidney damage and currently has just one kidney, the Daily Mail reported. (so, she couldn't stand to have another son like the one she had? I hope Lewis never finds out about her attempt to abort his brother).

"I was on the (birth control pill) when I became pregnant," Percival, 25, said. "Deciding to terminate at eight weeks was just utterly horrible but I couldn't cope with the anguish of losing another baby." (WOW! It's absolutely all about her. Never mind the child. She couldn't cope with losing him? So she tried to kill him? Seriously warped!) A short time after the abortion, Percival felt a fluttering in her stomach. She went to the doctor for a scan and discovered she was 19 weeks pregnant. "I couldn't believe it,' Percival said. "This was the baby I thought I'd terminated. (killed) At first I was angry that this was happening to us (lady, what about the kid you tried to kill? What about him? "happening to us"?), that the procedure had failed. I wrote to the hospital, I couldn't believe that they had let me down like this. "They wrote back and apologized and said it was very rare," (is this not sick?) she added. Dr. Manny Alvarez, managing health editor for, said Percival's situation is actually quite common. "Women that have early terminations in weeks six, seven and eight, many times the pregnancy is so small that doctors miss removing the baby," Alvarez said. "The danger is that the failed attempt can damage the baby. (Good grief! A failed attempt could damage the baby..yet a successful attempt slaughters it! Do these people ever listen to what they are saying and describing?) That is why these patients who get early terminations need follow-ups." Another scan a week later confirmed the baby also had kidney problems, but doctors told the couple the baby was likely to survive, so they decided he deserved another chance at life. (herein lies the problem, they have assumed the role of God. How gracious of them to give him another chance at life. I can't wait till they can hold their little Finley in their lap and say, "well son, we did try to slaughter you, but you were such fighter, when we realized we failed in our first attempt, we thought we'd go ahead and let you live the second time.) In November, Finley was born three weeks premature. He had minor kidney damage but is expected to lead a normal life.

Normal life? I wonder how it will feel when thinks about his mother's decision to try and kill him?


Qayaq said...

What I have found interesting of late is all the, in the womb documentaries, showing up close and personal babies growing up and the ones that are twins are already interacting with each other the way siblings do, thus proving that they have personalities. They have inadvertently proven that it is a life. If they deny that they at least have to admit it it potential life.

There have been a number of movies made recently about pregnancy, Knocked Up, Juno, Waitress and Bella. These movies have theme's of people getting pregnant, out of wedlock, but deciding to keep the baby anyway. The only one I have seen is Knocked Up. Where a woman has a good job working on "E Television" as an on air personality. She gets pregnant during a one night stand with some loser but decides to keep the baby. (I know, I know, but you will watch anything at the fire station). Herein lies the problem, she had a good career, got pregnant, but decided to keep the baby. The reviews of it were bad on these grounds, this was not a good thing to do under the circumstances, the pregnancy should have been stopped. Her career should have come first.

I guess the good news is attitudes seem to be shifting somewhat. I have heard abortions are down some.

Frontier Forest said...

I don’t know if I was more saddened or down right angry? Guess both. First thoughts after reading this horror story of the “world’s” ideas of ease and convenience verses life with rewarding joy through challenges was, “This poor baby gets to grow up, not knowing (WE HOPE), or someday finding out that his “loving” mother was an attempted murderer.” How long before God says, “ENOUGH!”

Phantom495 said...

This reminds me of a song by Michael Card- The Spirit of The Age- "Now every age had heard it, the voice that speaks from hell.

"Now every age had heard it, the voice that speaks from hell.
Sacrifice your children and for you it will be well."
The subtle serpent's lying, his dark and ruthless rage.
Behold it is revealed to be the spirit of the age!"

As a nation we have become numb to the fact that we are killing millions! I am, like Woody, sad and angry about this. Remember, though, that God is Sovereign, and we look forward to the final verse of the song:

"Soon all the ones who seemed to die for nothing
Will stand beside the Ancient of Days,
With joy we'll see that Infant from a manger
Come and crush the spirit of the age"

christianlady said...

Ugh. When we were told we might have a baby with trisomy 18, as the blood screen (just a screen) results showed a possibility, I told the geneticist I did NOT want to hear about abortion or termination no matter what...period. So, when I was concerned that the sonograms might be inaccurate and thought of amnio just in case, the neonatal doctor said he would not do amnio. (the sonograms looked good). I said, "but if my baby has t-18 and we know it we can have a c-section to have time with the child, or prepare for heart surgery and the like if needed." Then he said, "if you had signs of trisomy 18 on the sonogram I'd be twisting your arm to do the amnio so we could avoid a c-section and those surgeries." That was hard. I have a healthy baby without t-18 now and am glad I didn't have the amnio...but still. I would have begged for whatever moments of life I could have had and if that meant a c-section to give me time, I would have done it.

On another note (completely different subject) check this link:

Our church is becoming a Saddleback/Willowcreek clone all the way and it's hard to imagine we'd go the way of them on the above issue, but really...this might be a chip in our favor for trying to show why we don't like using the non-biblical lessons from these churches. The slippery slope slides far down.


Anonymous said...

I appreciated the ending comment on what a 'normal life' would be for this child. In reality, what is a 'normal life' for our children? As a parent of a severely handicapped son, I wonder sometimes what a 'normal life' is. Certainly, in this fallen world, a 'normal life' is hard to define, but at the end of the day, all things happen for a reason and we must deal with the cards dealt. Sometimes I think that maybe my son has a better grasp on reality than some or all of the professed 'have it all together/well-read 'heard on the radio every week' scholars' have. I am just thankful for my child and I look forward to one day being able to sit down with him in the next life, where we are perfect and free of the 'defects' we have in this life, including mentally, physically, and emotionally, and no longer having to deal with the trials, tribulations, type-casting, and temptations of this world, and carry on a long, very long, conversation with him. I would not care to live in a world where he did not exist, hence, cannot believe abortion even exist. How dare we make this type of judgement! We are the ones who will be judged and apart from Christ, we know what that will means.

Reepicheep said...

Excellent comments from all.

Rick Calohan said...

I came across a file today of a subject from a nation who shall we say will be hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics, whom was claiming asylum in United States on the bases a certain “One-Child Policy” still in effect. In the subject’s testimony the subject claimed that she was coerced not once not twice, not three, not four, but five times, for each of the five pregnancies she had after the first child to have abortions. This is not abortion on demand of the subject but abortion on demand by the State. Of course our Government whom turns a blind eye to the genocide that has taking place in the United States since January 22, 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, also turns a blind eye to the “One-Child Policy.” Depending on whom the immigration judges and attorneys that handle asylum cases want to debate the validity of the subject’s claim and the nuances of the word “coerced.” The subject claims were that if she did not go through with the abortions certain family members employed by the state, would lose their livelihood. In fact her unwillingness or lack of cooperation also casted scorn from her so-called husband family who if biology serves me correctly the husband was part and parcel of the reason she was pregnant five more times after the birth of the first child.

While it is possible that the subject could have exaggerate her claims, the fact that any woman is forced or coerced just one time is grounds for asylum in my book. However, it is sadly very possible she could loose any protective status she has in the United States and be deported back to the People’s Republic of China a nation that still has “One-Child Policy” in effect. The duplicity of our foreign policy that would send people back to China since they have most favored nation status but would not send someone back to Cuba is something that has puzzled me for quite sometime. I know the United States on one hand is the most generous nation on the planet and has allowed more legal immigrants into this country than all other nations combined but to ignore the wanton slaughter of the unborn not only here but also in China boggles my mind.

I hark back when that wretch of a woman name Susan Smith of Union, South Carolina, was convicted July 22, 1995, of murdering her two sons, 3-year-old Michael Daniel Smith, born October 10, 1991, and 14-month-old Alexander Tyler Smith, born August 5, 1993, and later sentenced to life in prison. I kept trying to explain to those around me that she should not be punished.

Shocked that someone who is Pro-Life like me would say such a thing, I explained further that when a nation that allows abortion on demand (which sounds like a premium package offered by a Cable Company), nevertheless all Susan Smith did was exercise her “privacy rights” and chose a later term abortion ala Chappaquiddick style.

Speaking of Chappaquiddick, an aide came up to Senator Ted Kennedy’s desk and presented him an abortion bill, the aide asked the Senator what should be done about the abortion bill? The Senator looked to his aide and said, “Pay it!”

Frontier Forest said...

Pastor Tony, I was so moved by the touching, personal testimony, strength and courage from
"Anonymous said..."

You should send her the powerful sermon your preached 3 weeks ago on James 1:1-5.
I borrowed it from Malcom Saturday at "Iron Sharpen's Iron" and have listed with tears flowing, two times.