Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally, something interesting about women's basketball

The only thing more boring than a NBA game is a WNBA game. I can't believe people actually show up to watch WNBA games. Still, a woman dunking is pretty cool, even if she is 6 '4 (anyone that tall should be able to dunk). Here's Candace Parker dunking a few days ago. Apparently she is only the second woman do to so in an actual "professional" game. Previously, in her college career with Tennessee, she dunked twice in one game and once in a NCAA tourney game.


Frontier Forest said...

Finally we found a common ground on sports thoughts! My opinion of the importance of these so called “professional basketball players” is right up there with the importance of plucking my nose hairs

GUNNY said...

I caught the last so many minutes of a Houston vs. San Antonio WNBA game on ESPN last week.

You know what I came away learning?

The women are actually better shooters than the thugs in the NBA!