Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Unfortunately, I told you so. Obama it is for the Democrats. McCain has been the choice of the Republicans for some time now.

I have never been less enthused about a presidential election.

At this point I will have to vote for McCain. My reasoning for doing so is twofold: first, he is not Barack Obama and second, there is a higher likelihood he will appoint constitutionalist judges. An added bonus is McCain's age, he'll probably only serve one term. I hope he doesn't pick Romney as his running mate.

This stinks.


Rick Calohan said...

Was this not the same party whom in 2000 said the Electoral College was outdated and outmoded and that every vote should count? Is this not the same party that the runner up received the majority of the popular votes than the presumptive nominee of the party?
However, the powers that be have denied her the nomination by saying to FLORIDA & MICHIGAN you are only a 50% of a delegate.
The only thing left for Hillary to do is to fight this at the floor of the Democratic Convention, and if she does not win, to run as an Independent Candidate for the President of the United States.

I say this not because I support her or her party, but because this great Democratic Party that has brought you slavery, 3/5ths vote, Dread Scott, Bloody Kansas, Civil War, World War I, Income Tax, Federal Reserve, FDR, the New Deal, World War II, Truman, the Fair Deal, Korea, JFK, Cuba, Vietnam, the New Frontier, LBJ, the Great Society, Welfare, Inflation, Stagflation, Feminism, George McGovern, ROE v. WADE, Jimmy Carter, Malaise, Misery Index, Iranian Hostage Crisis, Radical Islamic Terrorism, Gay Rights, Bill Clinton, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Whitewater, Somalia, Sudan, First World Trade Center Bombing, Oklahoma City, ALGORE, Florida Recount, GLOBAL WARMING, John Kerry, Ohio Recount, Al Qaeda, Nancy Pelosi, and now Senator Barrack Hussein Obama Oparah bin Laden must be the party of the people, and people who are in party voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As for the Party of Lincoln, Senator McCain, we salute your service, but Sir you are in the fight of your life. You better start picturing your opponent in the same manner as you did the Viet Cong, and if you wish to garner the Conservative Votes, it would be wise to quit pandering to the middle and the left. In an era where style over substance, sound bites, and a media that is 80% in favor of your opponent, in order to get your message across you better start drawing the line in the sands now, and start drawing the contrast between you and Barry, or my friend you are going to end up like another Barry who’s Senate Seat you have held since 1987 and lose in a landslide.

While your distancing yourself from W, you better start showing how it was W’s tax cuts that saved us from going into a depression after September 11, that it was W’s resolve that has prevented any further attacks since then, that it was W’s ability to appoint new justices to the supreme court, whom you tried to derail who are conservative in the Scalia, Thomas mode and not wishy-washy in the O’Connor, Souter mode. You better hold tight to whatever successes we had, and remember this party wins when we go right not left and center.

Senator McCain I believe you hold the fate of your campaign and your ability to win if you hold firm to conservative principals you have express over the years, it is time again for you to be that foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution, it is time for you not to simply point out your opponents youth and inexperience in this campaign, but to point out his reckless tax and spend policy, and appeasement to the terrorist. In the words of the Lady Thatcher, this is no time to go wobbly, so select a Vice President who should in the event of your demise that person would become a standard-bearer, and be bold and decisive. Pick a VP like Duncan Hunter who is strong on defense, and border protection. Pick a VP like Tom Tancredo who is for language culture and borders, Pick a VP like Fred Thompson who can tell like it is, pick a VP like Mike Huckabee who along with Sam Brownback and Tancredo were the only three bold enough to say with a raised hand I believe in Creation not evolution, and yes even pick Ron Paul who is still running somewhere, a DR. No Congressman from Texas who will hold your feet to the fire.

Whomever you pick just do not pander to the left or the centrist voters; they were not going to vote for you anyway. Otherwise, your only hope is that Hillary runs as an independent. Now you can play it safe a pick Romney, but you know you Romney will be for you what Henry Cabot Lodge was for Nixon in 60, and Jack Kemp was for Dole in 96. If you really want to pick a conservative Senator Jim DeMint would be my choice, despite his support for Romney in the primaries here is where Jim DeMint stands.

• He has been the Most Conservative Senator for the last two years according to the National Journal.
• DeMint believes openly gay individuals and single mothers should not teach in public schools.
• DeMint favors banning all forms of abortion.
• He also introduced a hybrid tax reform plan that would attempt to simplify the tax code.
• DeMint would require all illegal immigrants currently in the United States to return to their home countries to apply for legal reinstatement.
• DeMint was strongly supported by the fiscally conservative political group Club for Growth. He has been strongly praised by the group for anti-pork activities in the 109th Congress.
• In 2007, DeMint asserted that WMDs are only yet to be found in Iraq. He then went on to blame troop deaths on Democrats, saying, "I believe a lot of the casualties can be laid at the feet of all the talk in Congress about how we've got to get out, we've got to cut and run."
• DeMint introduce the Semper Fi Act of 2008 which would strip federal funding from Berkeley in response to the Berkeley Marine Corps Recruiting Center controversy. The bill would strip $2.1 million in education and youth nutrition earmarks for the city, and earmarks for the nearby University of California, Berkeley, a state institution unaffiliated with the city, and would instead earmark it for the Marines.
• In addition, Senator McCain for no other reason than Jim DeMint is a Presbyterian of the (PCA) kind.

grj said...

Elections at this level have indeed often been where we have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

However, due to the gravity of the situation if the Lord allows Obama to be elected President, with his obvious indecision and lies, as well as the uncertain direction he will go with the Islam community, I believe we had better get our yard signs out and push HARD for McCain and do EVERYTHING in our power to help him win.

May God continue to have mercy on our souls, and give McCain the victory in this election.amen

Frontier Forest said...

Some mighty powerful thoughts, Brother Rick! You have certainly done plenty of homework! I agree with you Tony, with McCaine we have a real possibility of getting some good, God-fearing men or women on the Supreme Court bench and many other federal judges, who will rightly interpret the Constitution, not legislate from the bench. But may we all keep this in mind, God is sovereign and it is He, who will ultimately control who will win this ugly race. In listening to George W.’s weekly radio address last Saturday, I was startled when he gave this plea to Congressional members, “Please give the 2000 federal judges I have appointed an up or down vote! Some of these fine qualified individuals were nominated over 2 years ago.” My question: Has the United States reached the point of being as sinful as Nineveh?

pjw said...

I was shocked a couple of days ago when someone said that there are still 5 1/2 months left before the election in November! Of course, I knew that, but still, it seems like this campaign has gone on forever and it's time to vote, already! On the other hand, a lot can happen in 5 1/2 months.

As one of our elders is fond of saying in answer to just about any question--"God is sovereign!"

Anglican@last said...

An Episcopalian versus Obama Sin-Laden? No brainer for me. Just please, please, please, no Mormon or Huckster for VP, President McCain.

Reepicheep said...

Sorry Anglicanatlast...McCain "converted" to Baptist a few years back. Perhaps he should be called "Baptistatlast".

Roodly Awakened said...

Maybe it's time to stop acting upon the "choosing the lesser of two evils" philosophy. After all, in doing so you are choosing, well, evil. After all, what has it achieved all these years? Maybe the two candidates which represent the best America has to offer is a direct result of this totally pragmatic philosophy. I don't see how anyone of Biblical principle could endorse a man like John McCain. Just for a few examples (among so many) please reconsider this decision by thoroughly investigating McCain/Feingold's blatant attack on the Constitution, McCain's undying support for the growing American empire abroad (meaning more money for the domestic war machine and more orphans and widows and multiplied enemies), and etc. Maybe we should stop and realize there is no messiah in politics - perhaps that's what is at the root of our disappointment. I suggest that we stop worshiping the state and start giving Christ's church more power to care for the poor, to help the needy, educate the young, and support the elderly. Why trust a pagan man-centered State to do what we're called to do?

Anglican@last said...

Very strange election. Obama went to a church for 20 years and never heard a sermon preached there, and now I find out McCain has gone to a Baptist church for 15 years, but has publicly identified himself as a life-long Episcopalian until last September. Well, at least you can't accuse McCain of making snap decisions!