Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fish out of water

Is it just me or does Barack Obama look uncomfortable in his various meetings with foreign dignitaries in the middle east? He just doesn't look presidential to me. Sorry.

I don't know if John McCain can beat Obama, but I have a feeling these trips abroad won't boost Obama's popularity like he thinks they will. He looks remarkably inexperienced.


Rick Calohan said...

I like to thank Minnesota Public Radio for making the choice clear for me again; of the remaining candidates, here are the results.

Ron Paul 36
John McCain 27
Bob Barr 15
Mike Gravel 6
Barry Obama 6
Ralph Nader 3

The only things I agree with Obama that differ from McCain is ironically G.I. Bill expansion for those service members who have served 3 years since September 11, 2001. Of course, this same Obama could not fit into his "Ich bin ein messiah" Tour, a visit to our wounded service members in a military hospital in Germany.

Obama we don’t have a Crystal Ball and we don’t have hind sight 20/20 vision when he denies the success of the surge and our brave troops, would rather give credit to the Sunnis coming on board, the Shiites coming on board, and ethnic cleansing in Bagdad. A man who believes there are 57 states in the Union and so much more.

Of course Paul will not be on the ballot, Barr will only take votes away from McCain, Gravel will not be on the ballot, and Nader will take away votes from Obama.

The thing that we are who Christians who are pro-life must remember this November, is that we have a duty to vote for McCain even though he may not be our first, second, third, or even fourth choice. For no other reason than Obama is Pro-Death via Abortion.

McCain is not perfect but at least he has a chance to appoint judges who may finally overturn Roe v. Wade.

I hope we who call ourselves pro-life Christians will also vote for the much maligned Phill Kline in the August 5th Primary.

I’m Rick Calohan and I approve this message.

Frontier Forest said...

Isn’t it interesting? Last evenings news, this minor detail was awkwardly omitted. Why did none of the Media mentioned one of the main reason thousands of folks turned out to wave American flags and “praise” Obama? The fact is there just happened to be a free concert before his speech. Tickets that would normally have cost over $100 each were free! Did thousands turn out to hear Obama speak, or to jamb with 2 of Germany’s top rock-bands? I place my bet on the rock band.

The Last Mohican said...

Rick Calohan I APPROVE of your statement. You are right on target. Our Heavenly Father is the Author of life. There are plenty of reasons to vote for McCain though he is not favorite. Think what the consequences of a vote for Obama does with the high probability of a Democratic Congress.
My wife got back from Iraq last month. She is a RN in a combat support hospital that was stationed in Al Anbor at Al Asad. That area two years ago was one of the most violent places to go to. It is now pacified with the locals joining in ousting the terrorists who finally committed one too many atrocities even to children.
The Iraqi people there appreciated us and were certainly fond of us. Many friends were made and when it came time to leave there were many hugs and tears. The Iraqis know many Americans have died for them. If we pull out now we surrender the win only to realistically return to greater conflict.
The winning of minds is greater than the winning of the war.

The Last Mohican