Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Look who's knocking at the door...again

I get an annual kick out of the naysayers dissing the New York Yankees. Every year a chorus of hecklers mocks their chances at making the playoffs, and virtually every year the Yanks prove the mockers wrong.

Admittedly I have been more concerned with our chances at a playoff berth this year than usual. Half our pitching staff is on the DL (heck, Carl Pavano has been on the DL for 3 years now!), Matsui is likely done for the year and Posada should probably just have the season-ending surgery he needs. Damon has even been out for a few weeks. A-Rod is embroiled in some Madonna scandal, and there's all sorts of hoopla about this being the last year in the old Yankee stadium. The Yanks have every reason to be down in the standings and out of the playoff hunt.

But alas, we are talking about the Yankees.

Here we are in late July and they stand just 3.5 games out of first place in a wicked tough division.

Face it Yankee haters- October is coming and the Yanks are very likely going to be alive and well. Another run at glory to come.


Rick Calohan said...

If history is an indicator either going to be the Yankees, Cardinals, Pirates, Orioles, or Red Sox, will be in this year World Series based on my family history.

• 1942: My dad was born the Cardinals beat the Yankees 4 games to one.
• 1943: My mom was born the Yankees beat the Cardinals 4 games to one
• 1967: I was born the Cardinals beat the Red Sox 4 games to three.
• 1979: My wife was born the Pirates beat the Orioles 4 games to three.
• 2008: Our son is born.

Based on current standings the Yankees are three games out of the wild card race in the American League, and the Cardinals one game out of the wild card hunt in the National League.

I think we can safely rule out the Orioles and Pirates from the picture at this point since they are 10 and 10.5 games out of their respective wild card hunt.

Since any true Yankee fan despises the No No Nanette Sox we can rule them out.

In the words of the great Yogi Berra, " It's deja vu all over again" and " It ain't over 'til it's over "

Prediction: Yankees vs. Cardinals, Yanks win in 7 in Yankee Stadium.

Can you say 27? I thought you could.

Frontier Forest said...

Since I know little about baseball, I shouldn’t comment, and almost as ignorant about football. But thought you would find this interesting. Cheri and I have been Chief season ticket holders since 92. And over the years my sentiments for Carl Peterson have only grown from disgust to disdain. So to put my money where my mouth is, we decided to no longer support the Chiefs. Since I sent my notice and non-payment in back in February, I bet I have had 10 calls from the Chief’s Red-Coats, trying to persuade me back. Just got off the phone with another, very pushy “Red-Coater” and I told this person the same as I have told the rest. “Until Lord Carl is gone, I will not support the Chiefs program. He has been the worst GM in our history and since he arrived in KC in 1990, the only thing he has accomplished is driving up the tickets and driving away season ticket holders.”
I also told him the only players Peterson seems to be successful in recruiting are over-the-hill quarterbacks. Suggested that maybe lord Carl could keep his failure record by going after Favre?