Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not sure this is a good thing

We pastors at Redeemer have a business phone plan and our contract came up this month which means time to get new phones.

I think it's too much to say I'm a technophobe, rather I'm a utilitarian when it comes to technology. Pastors Nathan and Brian, my partners in pastoral ministry at Redeemer, on the other hand, are both infatuated with the latest and greatest electronic gadgets and computer capabilities. To be clear, Nathan gets excited about such things, Brian is down right crazy over them (can you say "OCD"?).

So our Sprint plan expired last week, Nathan and Brian go off to get us new phones on my day off (they knew I'd be a stick in the mud shopping at a gadget store). I returned to the office on Friday and was handed a box by an embarrassingly jubilant Pastor Brian. He is grinning ear to ear, itching to show me all the many capabilities of my new Palm "Treo" 800 (or some such number) phone. How do I tell him I think the thing is too big? How do I tell him I don't care about surfing the web on my phone? Should I tell him straight up that I like my old fashioned day planner better than using a "stylus" on a mini screen phone calendar doo-hickey? I just couldn't burst his bubble, he looked like a kid on Christmas morning. He sat at the table in my office smiling and pecking away on his new phone. Periodically he would cry out "This is awesome...check this out...I can't believe it can do this". Nathan unfortunately seems to have gotten a bum phone. He test called us and his voice was cracking up all over the place. He'll have to take his back. Poor guy, although I am VERY happy Brian didn't get the bum phone, I can't imagine what kind of depression he would sink to having gotten a taste of techno-paradise then have it yanked away until Monday.

I'm not sure if all the many capabilities of my new phone are a good thing. I can surf the web, check my email, blog, find out where the cheapest gas is, text Nathan and Brian encouraging messages, listen to music, check movie times and showings, sync my "outlook" calendar (which I don't use, again, I have an old-fashioned day planner), and do a host of other geeky, gadgety things. I will say this- it's been fun (and a little disturbing) watching Brian run around the office like Gollum with his precious.

I can even use this bulky thing to call people.


Michael Lockridge said...

Hi, there. I am a bit of a random blog reader, and landed here with the "next blog" button.

You set a high standard for yourself, adopting the name of a most honorable mouse. I salute you!

I have to agree that the large format do anything tech toys don't really serve well as a phone. Too bulky. I don't enjoy the thumb pad, either. It promises more than trying to type on a standard phone, but does not deliver.

Still, I do use the calendar on my little Samsung. It is just handy.I use the alarms and timers as well. And sometimes the calculator.

I enjoyed visiting your blog. I invite you to mine. Click on my name and pay me a visit. You would be most welcome.

Reepicheep said...

Welcome Michael. I already visited your various blogs. You are a very good writer.

I got a kick out of your BBQ blog. I didn't know BBQ made it out to California! You must try KC BBQ some time!

M. Jay Bennett said...

Brian's a Gollum geek.

M. Jay Bennett said...

Brian is a Gollum Geek.

M. Jay Bennett said...

Brian is a Gollum Geeek.

Michael Lockridge said...

I look forward to KC barbecue, some day. I will be retiring from my current career (and thus finally getting out of jail)in a couple of years. I hope to do some traveling then. Barbecue will be one of the driving elements.

Thanks for stopping by my Blogger presence. Feel free to drop by, anytime. I try to post new stories and ideas regularly.

Hough said...

"encouraging text messages"

perhaps you could post a few of those "encouraging text messages"

You could do it with your amazing phone!

Rick Calohan said...

I still have my first and only cell phone a 2003 Sony Ericson with detachable camera phone with its original battery and SIM card via T-Mobile. The phone has been to the Philippines and back four times and not once have I had a problem with it. As the saying goes, if it broken, don’t replace it; day planners and organizers you guys are a riot maybe because I am 41 years old I just my brain and if worse comes to worse a post it note.

Reepicheep said...

Wow, a 5-year old phone! So Rick, does it have one of those circular dial things on it? Is it the size of a shoe box? I have to see this thing!

Rick Calohan said...

Tony, that would have been the 2002 that has rotary dial; here is a photo of what the brick looks like:

and me with the phone in hand at Minilla International Airport

If one thing I can say about Redeemer I know I can sit anywhere in the sanctuary regardless of my cell phone and the people said, “Amen!”

Frontier Forest said...

Talking about iritating technology! There was man, whom I won’t mention, unfortunately, we haven’t seen him for some time? Anyway, he is a kind and very outgoing uncomplicated sort of person. The moment Cheri and I introduced ourselves, we quickly became friends. He always sat with us and he sang with all his heart! But his irritating wristwatch is the point of my rambling. At exactly 12:00 every Sunday, his “Casio” would go off! He would be so enthralled with Pastor Tony’s message, he became oblivious to it’s annoying Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. That is, until it finally gave up the ghost and quit on its own. Two different times, I remember Tony having to stop his message and try to regain his thoughts from that annoying low-grade technology. Just some fun thoughts about tech!