Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reepicheep answers a plea for justice

As Don Vito Corleone was often approached for justice, so also Reepicheep has been appealed to...
Our esteemed youth pastor Brian Hough has been blogging about the mission trip to El Paso he and a team of Redeemer brothers and sisters are participating in. His blog entries have implied that our respected associate pastor, Nathan Currey, has been spending much of his time on his new fangled phone and taking unnecessary breaks.

Being a blogger who is fair and balanced, always interested in getting the whole truth in front of my readers, Pastor Nathan made a desperate plea for Reepicheep to set the record straight. You can see by the above pictures, the author of "The Graze" is the pot calling the kettle black!

Here's is Nathan's appeal to Reepicheep:

Dear Reepicheep,

I know you are aware of the smear campaign going on here in El Paso. My reputation is being slandered by lies and innuendo. I need a trusted blogger with a good reputation for fair minded and unbiased reporting. Here's some evidence to share with your readership. The truth. Can you please help?

Sincerely,Slandered in El Paso
Dear Slandered in El Paso,
I too have been a victim of Mr. Hough's photo shop exploitative escapades and the like. It hurts deeply, I know. Well, I have heard your cry for justice and will post these condemning pictures with great delight. When will Mr. Hough realize the damage his Paparazzi-like ways are doing to innocent victims like yourself? Hopefully these pictures of him loafing while sporting some strange "Elvis from the mid 70's meets Cheech or Chong look" will stop his future attacks! So, accept this justice as a gift on the occasion of my 15th wedding anniversary.
With justice for all,


Rick Calohan said...

Brian I think the original scene went down like this:

Don Felich: Why did you go to the police? Why didn't you come to me first?
Currey: What do you want of me? Tell me anything, but do what I beg you to do.
Don Felich: What is that?
[Currey: gets up and whispers in the Don's ear]
Don Felich: That I cannot do.
Currey: I'll give you anything you ask.
Don Felich: We've known each other for many years but this is the first time you've ever come to me for counsel or for help. I can't remember the last time you invited me to your house for a cup of coffee, even though my wife is Godmother to your four children. But, let's be frank here. You never wanted my friendship and you were afraid to be in my debt.
Currey: I didn't want to get into trouble.
Don Felich: I understand. You found paradise in Kansas. You had a good trade, made a good living, the police protected you and there were courts of law and you didn't need a friend like me. But, now you come to me and you say "Don Felich, give me justice." But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call me Godfather. Instead, you come into my home on the day of my 15th Wedding Anniversary and you ask me to do murder for money.
Currey: I ask you for justice.
Don Felich: That is not justice your reputation is still alive.
Currey: Let Brian Hough suffer then. As I suffers. How much shall I pay you?
Don Felich: Currey. Currey. What have I ever done to make you to treat me so disrespectfully. If you had come to me in friendship then this scum that ruined your reputation would be suffering this very day. And if by chance an honest man like yourself should make enemies then they would become my enemies. And then, they would fear you.
Currey: Be my friend... Godfather.
[kisses Don Felich’s ring]
Don Felich: Good. Someday, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But, until that day, accept this justice as a gift on my 15th wedding anniversary.
Currey: Grazie, Godfather.
Don Felich: Bene.
[Currey: exits]
Don Felich: [to Tom]
Don Felich: Give this to, uh, Clemenza. I want reliable people, people who aren't going to be carried away. After all we're not murderers in spite of what this associate pastor thinks.

Frontier Forest said...

Don’t we all feel enormous sympathy for those who think Christian life is dull and boring and having abundant fun is somehow against His Will? You all are a hoot, but the question out standing…. which one is “Larry, Moe and Curley”?

Reepicheep said...

Rick, that's hilarious. I totally had this interchange between Don Vito and the undertaker in mind.

Currey said...

Rick maybe referring to Jon "Clemenza" Meyers.

Kampfgruppe-H said...

Pastor H has earned more cool points with me for the 'Elvis Pork chop sideburns' he's got going on. Now can he sing an Elvis tune?

M. Jay Bennett said...

What a great stache! Menacing. He must be guilty.

Reepicheep said...

the pork chops are nice, it's the cheech stache that is a bit much